Monthly Archives: November 2008

Remedial Crochet


Shona attempted to teach me how to crochet this week. I would like to have a handy portable hobby, like quirky hats and could see myself making fancy crocheted edging for quilts. HA! I must have been the stupidest pupil with a crochet hook – EVER. I just could not see how or follow the instructions that Shona gave me despite them being patiently and clearly given. It took 2 hours to make a 2” scruffy Granny square. I gave it to Freya as a rug for her Sylvanians. I must try again but could not get over how difficult I found it. The other quilters found it hilarious to see me struggle!

LLQS was in touch last week and Ruth was very enthusiastic about the idea of using an indoor yurt as an exhibition space. I have had lots of ideas – should I attempt to quilt the entire wall, commission a wool tartan wall or stick with the practical white canvas?

The outdoor yurt shifted back 6” in the strong winds last week but all got jiggled back into place quite easily. We enjoyed supper and hot chocolate in it over the weekend with the stove on in the snow. We might decide to have Christmas dinner in it but can’t agree what to have for Christmas dinner as a family. Perhaps we’ll have something straightforward that the children can’t reject or complain about. Chinese sounds like a good plan…

Freya’s “Elementary Quilt” was mentioned briefly as a YQ winner of FOQ ’09 in P&Q Magazine but apparently she comes from Austria. This is because Twisted Thread’s show catalogue mistakenly listed almost all of the YQ’s as Austrian. I daresay she would have had far more attention from British magazines if they thought she was British. I will send in a photo of her using her prize sewing machine.

I have had no response at all from Grosvenor Exhibitions about my judging sheets from the Scottish Quilt Championships in Ingliston. This is confirming my suspicion that they are not using qualified judges to assess each quilt as at FOQ or LLQS. Do I have to write another letter of complaint?

I have been working on the Kaffe Fasset possible Veldhoven quilt. I still haven’t decided whether it is Awesome or Awful… it is very CLASHY. I decided to go the whole hog and attach an insane border with prairie points. I should get the top completed this week then hope to get on with quilting madly and adding copious amounts of bling. It has to be finished, photographed and entered by January 1st and Christmas is looming even though I would rather postpone it for another couple of months. I’m supposed to do a project for the QGBI tartan holdall collection by the end of December and one or two other small things. Pity I have to waste time on Christmas cards, shopping, wrapping, socialising – BAH HUMBUG!… I bet Ebeneezer Scrooge was actually a busy man who need time to quilt!