Countdown to Christmas


I think I might have a sore throat but it may be due to yelling atWellingtonwho has decided to take a detour every morning when I’m in a hurry. Bloody Mabel was under control on a lead since they both went AWOL for hours last week (down rabbit holes) but she managed to pull me over into frosty mud – grr!

On Friday evening Mo and I were supposed to go to see Beth Nielsen, the country singer, but Mo forgot to get tickets. Instead we planned to go and see Brad & George in “Burn After Reading” but it wasn’t on so we had a pleasant time in her yurt watching “Thelma and Louise” (she has electricity), drinking wine and eating Doritos with salsa – which was just as much fun!

My Young Quilter seems to be lacking in commitment at the moment. She has been making a simple Christmas tree wall hanging but only came into the workshop under duress this weekend and dropped everything as soon as the girl from next door appeared. I have enough unfinished projects of my own on the go without anyone else in the family adding to the tally.

As well as actually managing to go into Aberdeenand do some Christmas shopping, I completed the construction of the Awesome/Awful Quilt. Most of the seams match up. There are 108 prairie points inside the quilt going onto a mad wide border. This was a bit of a breakthrough – I get to do prairie points without the fiddle of hand-sewing all down the back later. So far reactions have been mixed. It’s a love it or hate it quilt. It is so bright and clashy that even the gold lame has faded into insignificance. I’m trying to work out how to quilt it and choose the thread. As it is already so OTT, the finishing might as well have impact too. Plenty more sparkle to go I reckon! (It has to be finished by January 1st. – yikes)

Despite trying to stick to a packed pre-Christmas sewing schedule I have added in a wall hanging for my sister, Marjorie begged me to quilt a banner for her school, Bobbie Page brought me a very colourful king size quilt, Barbara asked me to embroider some numbers for children’s height charts and if I get hold of some sturdy soluble stabiliser I might try some lace Christmas decorations on the embroidery machine…

I should also mail out details of the next QGBI Area Day, complete the Aberdeen P&Q Group’s Christmas challenge, do some stuff for the Parent Council (I’m the Chairperson), organise Fergus’ birthday party and look like I have Christmas all planned. There is nothing like a little personal pressure. At least I have done quite a lot of Christmas shopping online – pity I can’t figure out how to get my Christmas cards done electronically too.


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