Sheep Rustling


This week I have been looking for a partner in crime to do some sheep rustling. It’s all legit, of course!…

Mo bottle fed 2 lambs this year with the intention of eating them by Christmas but she got a bit attached to “Merlin and Ariel” (big “tut!” of disapproval by the Quilt Quine)

You can wipe your feet on them as you enter her house. One day last week she popped out but did not lock the door so they opened the door, shut it behind them and rampaged up and down the hall, eating lavender and whatever else they could find. They are not house trained either. So – it is time for them to go. The problem is that you can’t just give them to a proper sheep farmer as they have to be quarantined which proper farmers would find inconvenient for the sake of 2 waifs. Mo doesn’t actually want to know what happens to them so I either have to find them a home with a small-holder or get them to the place where they become ex-sheep. I’m still working on my cunning plan.

I have discovered that I no longer have to rant at the children to get ready in the morning. They have cut out the middle man and rant at each other instead. My husband had made a Lego Starfighter for Fergus and it took a fair while. Fergus was very pleased with it. Freya yelled at him to hurry up and get his shoes on, he said, “Shut up, Fatso!” – so she broke the Lego model. He had hysterics and she then got shouted at for causing the screaming. I spent half an hour figuring out how to repair the Starfighter knowing full well that it will be back in bits within about 30 seconds.

It has rained and rained this week. The yurt stovepipe has a serious leak. I’m getting soggy embers and the whole stove is dripping rainwater onto and through its hearth into my lovely Berber carpet. By Sunday the whole carpet was wringing wet so I have had to prop it up in the vain hope that it will dry out. I think we will take the carpet out to dry, try to fix the leak and just use the dhurries for now. The Thursday Evening quilters are due to have a Christmas “Do” in it on Thursday so I hope to have it all mopped up by then! Guess what I will get Mo to help me do on Wednesday this week?

Awesome/Awful has had a lot of work but not without its hiccups. I wanted melon shapes on it filled with feathers. I can’t get accurate marking done satisfactorily so the melons did not quite meet each other like they should. I have a plan… there will be a lot of hotfix crystals, buttons and yoyos to hide the inconsistencies. Perhaps I could now call it “Collateral Damage”. Actually, I think it will be called “Bewitched”. The rough blurb so far says,

“Once upon a time a wicked fairy cast a spell upon the quilting police… tensions were running high…good taste was abandoned and unruly feathers rambled all over the place…some quilters decided to have some fun…” or something like that!

This week I will try very hard to get all the filler and possibly the border done as there is a lot of embellishment to be added. I won’t be “allowed” much quilting time over Christmas so have to get on – apart from the school xmas party, the Carol service, the party for the teacher who is retiring, cards, wrapping, yurt mopping… no pressure!

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