Brain Training


The Christmas holidays have gone in a flash. We had a great time supporting the Nintendo Corporation playing on the Wii thingy. We have virtual people who look just like us and after I had done my body check the virtual person got fatter. There are all sorts of fun activities like hula-hooping. I’m the family champion at that. I’m also a professional ski jumper. My husband has been playing with the Wii all holiday and practising frequently after the children were in bed so I was delighted to beat him at tennis, bowling and golf last night! Looks like I’ll be fit in no time at all … HA-HA!

I also got a Nintendo DS lite so I could keep up with the children in the technology stakes. It came with a virtual cooking guide which is clever but you do actually have to shop for ingredients, rather than forage in the cupboard until finding something that can be successfully combined and called a balanced meal. I decided to put my new gadget to better use and get the game called “More Brain Training”. It is really like a series of 11+ style tests. Once you get the hang of what to do and have had a practice you do get quicker. My brain has improved so much that it is now aged 62. It started at age 78… of course its real age should be 40 or less! I still don’t understand the theory behind Sudoku.

I was allowed lots time to work on the quilt which was just as well because there has been a lot to do that just took hours. I spent a long time and much thread doing a grass like satin stitch around all of the melons. This disguised the dodgy meeting points a bit.

I remembered to rinse and block the quilt before starting the binding and it definitely has wavy borders. I had a lapse of concentration and trimmed one of the borders narrower than the other 3 so decided that must be the bottom.

I had forgotten that the prairie points would look less pointy after a wash so they still need some serious starching

I made a scrappy binding out of all the Kaffe Fasset fabrics and spent a day figuring out exactly how to sew it all on neatly by machine. I chickened out of sewing the front on first then stitch in the ditch to get the back on. I sewed the binding to the back first, used fusible quarter inch tape (marvellous), and invisible thread to attach the front side of the binding neatly. After that I couched some thin gold ribbon around the binding and inner borders which was quite tricky without the special braid foot. I even sewed a hanging sleeve on by hand.

I have now sewn on a random number of yoyo’s with buttons on the worst melon joins. That took nerves of steel as I was holding the buttons down with my finger nails while trying not to hit them or my fingers with the sewing machine needle. I now have lots of hotfix crystals and gold stars to apply so that I can declare it finished, photograph it and send a CD to Holland by the end of the week. I may still add a bit more gold thread around the binding and I’m still wondering whether to add belly dancing coins along the bottom for fun…


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