Seeing Stars


I spent the whole of Tuesday applying hot fix crystals and stars to “Bewitched” while listening to Annie Smith’s “Quilting Stash” podcast, Philip Pullman’s “The Firework Maker’s Daughter” audio-book and started listening to TH White’s “Sword in the Stone”. This was a fairly pleasant way to be engrossed in sticking on about 1000 gems but when I thought about how long a Sharon Schamber quilt that had 30 000 crystals on the back would take I got bored!

I took a couple of pictures outside but the January day was grey so the picture is not as true as it could be. It is very different in sunlight because the gold lame really shows off the texture of the quilting. The zig-zag melons (interlocking rings) dominate in a photo but they are not so annoying in real life.

The challenge of the day on Wednesday was translating the story of the quilt on the entry form into Dutch. It was surprisingly easy – Yahoo has a free translator called “Babelfish”. All I had to do was type in my paragraph in English and it instantly translated it into Dutch. I think enough of the words look similar to be reasonably accurate.

Rather than then finish an already started project or start quilting the enormous customer quilt that was on the frame, I cut out strips for a project that might get entered into LLQS. Thursday and Friday were really cold and the workshop was not warm so I spent some time cutting and more time sorting through digital photos. Sometimes I think Picasa is great but sometimes it seems to shuffle everything and when I tried to make a web album for the APQS forum to access it just all got lost. In the end I have made quite a tidy album on Flickr and will try to put photos there more often. If I buy the full version I can organise it into lots of folders. I still can’t figure out how to get pictures in amongst the text on my blog.

Milton Studio has a couple of tartan quilts and another shop sample waiting for me to catch up so I need to really get going this week.

I have managed to get on with joining the Hungarian Challenge quilt together. I just have 2 borders left. I have decided to make them extra wide so that I can shape them into scallops like dinner plates. My blocks are all blue and white “Broken Dishes” and will be quilted with some sort of crackle effect. This work in progress has been wittily named, “Smashing”!

I finally got around to taking out a subscription to “Popular Patchwork” as I can’t buy it anywhere locally. Ferret phoned me on Saturday to let me know that she is featured in a proper article and is on the front cover but “Kentuckii” is on page 21 so I should get a copy… I hope it arrives soon. It is so exciting to be featured in a proper magazine and that is the third time that I know of that BK has been in a mag. (also in P&Q and QuiltMania)

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