Today I was invited by my hairdresser to be a model for a stylist from London who would be coming up to Aberdeenshire to demonstrate the latest cutting trends. Apparently she has no young and trendy clients as they are all too busy straightening their identical long straight hair. I thought I had better make an effort to wear something other than my ubiquitous striped fleece jumper to show that I might not be totally unfashionable (which I am!)

I wore a 3 year old blouse which was smarter than usual but as I feared, I was frozen until I got home and put my jumper back on.

I arrived to discover that the new trend involves only cutting with electric clippers. Rachel did a fantastic job as usual of the trimming, shaping etc.

However, she seems to think I’m a bit of a daredevil so she persuaded me to model the very latest thing involving clippers and for some unfathomable reason, I agreed…there is a shaved area on one side with a swirly pattern a bit like quilt meandering. I look like a teenaged boy or a Bronze Age warrior on one side only. I’m hosting a Quilters’ Guild event on Saturday and they are not that avant garde or mad on the whole!

I pieced all of my other Kaleido blocks last week, cracked how to use the Hartley Fence for full circles, completed a large double, did a linus quilt, baby quilt and then just as you think you are really whipping through the work, 2 more arrive!

I had coffee and cake three times in one day on Thursday since it was my birthday. On Saturday night David got the yurt ready for supper with friends while I was in Stirling for a QGBI Regional meeting. We had a great night with fireworks, a cosy fire and lots of laughing.

I have just been completing an Arts Council grant application. I’m sure they make these really tricky to put people off. I am preparing a brief on how I want to do a quilted yurt and another series based on ceilings for which I need Master Quilter tuition – in the USA!

Well, I might as well start off ambitious and see what happens. It is actually quite alarming when you are made to do a budget. So far mine has come to around £9000!!!

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