Does an Unusual Haircut get you noticed?


I have been in the newspaper twice this week: I went on a Parent Council Chairperson training seminar for a new educational intranet site called GLOW. Nobody volunteered to be photographed apart from 2 men. Obviously I could not let the world think that only men can be Chairpeople or computer literate so I had to put myself forward (with the new hairdo).

I attended a public meeting to discuss Aberdeenshire Council’s long term building plans in our rural area. We had to give reasons why we do not approve of building 300 more houses on our doorstep. There are many: huge housing developments sprawling out of Aberdeen and Banchory already, light pollution, wildlife, traffic, not on mains sewage, no public transport or shops… I do hope I have not come across in the newspaper as some ranting, countryside fanatic – although I probably am just that!

I hosted the Aberdeenshire QGBI Area Day on Saturday. We had soup, fine “pieces”, demos on hand quilting, resourceful bag-making, and felting. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and it was a lovely sociable day. There was not a single comment about the new hairdo – I decided that everyone was either too embarrassed to say anything about it, thinking it had either gone disastrously wrong or that I had taken leave of my senses OR they simply didn’t notice. One quilter did stare at me today at the shop with a stunned expression but maybe she was puzzled about something else entirely. I flashed a pic onto the APQS forum and they all said things like “Awesome!” which I thought was rather fun. Ferret thought that if we went to a quilt show everyone would think she was the sensible one.

Something that I found amazing was that my webhosts informed me that I had run out of bandwidth well before the end of the month because I had so many views on the blog. I know I type away each week but I can’t actually believe that other people look at it!

The trip to Holland has now been booked up – hooray! Now I’m told I have to book Birmingham too so I had better do some work to pay for all this travel.

I have been making samples up all week of different styles, colours and sizes of flying geese for a border on the red, white and blue quilt. I kept thinking I had made a decision when another idea would crop up. It was suggested that a border was not necessary but I believe that judges are usually looking for MORE on a show quilt, even if it is a subtle addition (or not usually subtle in my case). I have finally decided and it is not nearly as complicated as I could have made it but will add just a bit of interest. Of course, now that I have thought about it, I could have scaled the whole project down, invented some tricky corner areas and made a ROUND quilt. I am quite fascinated by the different ideas that I have had about flying geese – perhaps that might form the basis of a series!

I was browsing on ebay for 2-hole gold buttons when I discovered a button dealer in Aberdeenshire so I have ordered a selection that might pass for militaryish if I decide to run a few down an edge just for a tiny bit of gold sparkle!

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