Craftsperson at Work


I was slightly shot down in flames when I received a call about my Arts Council Grant Application… I was told to reapply for a CRAFT Maker’s Award since I cannot really be considered a Visual Artist despite going to great lengths in my pitch to justify my project as an arty rather than crafty idea. I started to roll out the argument that people who work in textiles are fed up with the lowly status of “Craftsperson” – blah, blah. The woman on the phone was trying to be helpful and steer me towards applying for money that I might actually get but still – I got on my high horse and started a discussion on the APQS forum about the difference between art and craft and where does the William Morris Arts and Crafts Movement fit in etc?! There was much informed debate and the whole subject could be argued over until the cows come home but essentially it is the difference between being shown in a good gallery, selling pieces for higher prices or going to a craft fair where quilts might sell for flea market money if you can ignore the comments from potential customers about how expensive they seem.

Having thought about how much money I need to spend on my exhibition, how many quilt show and aeroplane tickets I want to buy (and new boots), I decided to set up an Etsy shop. This is an online eBay type of shop for CRAFTSPEOPLE. So far I have one item for sale which is a rather nice 1930’s Double Wedding Ring quilt that I completed. I am working on another so it will be fabulous if someone actually wants to buy something.

I also managed to do a simple customer quilt this week. It is an all over seashell – my stock freehander. I should do something quicker and bigger but I think it looks really good on all sorts of different quilts and seems to be the best way of easing in all the dodgy areas of the Feedsacks.

I checked the Show deadlines and decided that my next urgent thing to do should be to finish off the RWB forLoch Lomond. I have decided what to do so just have to do it!

I have received a great sample pack from Oakshott fabrics for the Quilt Yurt Project. I have been formulating all sorts of plans but MUST finish all of the other stuff first…

It as been the mid-term break so I decided to encourage the Young Quilters in this house by helping them to make a mini quilt on the theme of “Racing” for the next Region 16 meeting inPerth. The eldest was not terribly keen which I found irritating and generally they seemed to get bored and want to go and play. I made them finish the whole thing despite the grumbles because it is difficult to leave a project like this and come back to it later. In the end they were thrilled with what they had done but I find the whole business of working with my children frustrating – maybe they need to be older but actually – I think they need to be more enthusiastic!

I went to the cinema with friends to see “Slumdog Millionaire”. It was a brilliant film and I thought about it for days afterwards. There was a scene when one of the little boys got locked in the toilet shack when a famous film star arrived. Since he was a fan of the star, the only way out to get his autograph was underneath and through all the slurry!

I found myself digging in a heavy mixture of sludge and ice in order to free up the pigsty for the farmer to hoist and move it for the imminent arrival of 2 new piglets. A new area has been fenced off and will be put to the test – we don’t want any escape dramas this time round!


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Quirky Quilter in Scotland Creator of The Quilted Yurts, Patchwork Smart Car, Metallic Norse Wholecloths, Coracle, Quilted Henge, Quilting Tutor & Speaker, Occasional Pig-Keeper, Primary School Teacher, Mother, Writer, Landrover Enthusiast, Gin Connoisseur

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