All Under Control



I went on a jaunt with Tania and Mo to a wool weaving mill outside Peterhead. We found it on an old RAF base within sight of the power station and within shouting distance of the high security prison. The weather was typically dreich…After calling in at the reception desk we were taken to another disused building on the base where there was an unmanned shop. In the shop there were jackets, slippers, duffle coats, jumpers, rugs and a table piled with bolts of heavy wool tweed fabric all at £5 per metre. I decided it was too good an opportunity to waste and decided to buy LOTS for the exhibition yurt ceiling… and cushions and notebook covers and more cushions in the new quilt retreat, house, pigsty etc!!

After our fabric buying frenzy we went off for coffee in the very plush “Buchan Braes Coastal Hotel” – HA! It was on the edge of the old military base, with a view of the power station and no sea view. It was very trendy and citified but there was no-one there apart from us teuchters (peasants) and a large plasma telly running Daytime TV. We were not impressed by our expensive cups of coffee (no jug and no refill!) and poncey plate of inedible cakes.

On Friday afternoon we went to collect the 2 new piglets. I had a large dog crate in the back of the Landy and with memories of last year’s traumatic escape bid, had thought of all possible hitches. Amazingly, all went well. The owner cornered them one by one accompanied by much squealing and expertly carried each one by the back legs and threw it into the crate. They are surprisingly heavy for their size – like small spaniels.

When we got them home we managed to deliver them into the sty and shut them in and I still couldn’t believe how easy it all was. In fact, once we let them out the next day and they got stung by the electric wire they then spent the rest of the weekend hiding inside the sty so we couldn’t even get a good look at them. A far cry from the villainous wild boars! I eventually managed to take a photo and found out that we have 2 girls this time. No names so far. We had picked out Elvis but that just won’t do now. They have a Tamworthfather and a saddleback cross Gloucester Old Spot mother so now we have to work on making them a bit less panicky. They had been shut in a shed for a couple of weeks as it has been so snowy and they have left a pungent agricultural smell in my car.

Over the weekend I finished off the 1930’s Feedsack Double Wedding Ring Quilt. After doing an all over simple shell all of the wavers and bumps got tucked in. Some of it was only tacked but now it is well stitched! It will not hang straight on a wall but will be lovely and old fashioned on a bed (it measures 75” x 83”). After a good hot wash to remove years of grubbiness, the Warm & Natural cotton wadding made it lovely and crinkly. I don’t suppose anyone will rush to buy it so I’ll probably just keep it in my growing collection!

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