Lucky Breaks


I was supposed to have coffee with Mo on Wednesday but had unintentionally volunteered to drive school children to the local nursery for a little concert. She couldn’t’ wait for me to return as she had to go north to measure a four poster bed in a castle. As I had no-one to have a strong cup of coffee with, I decided to call in at the junk shop. It was closed. Outside in the to be dumped area there was an old cooker, a commode and a trunk… fair game – so it came home with me.

I went back there on Friday with Mo to get rid of her old TV. Another nice trunk that we chose was gazumped by another browser but we weren’t too upset since we were checking over an old Singer sewing machine in a neat little cabinet. Two very “jobs-worthy” women were on duty and would not let us plug it in to see if it worked since it had a “Sold as Seen” sticker on it. However, the much more helpful electrical testing man plugged it in and it seemed OK. He offered to put a modern plug on but the two biddies wouldn’t let him! We bought it for £12.00

I looked it up on the internet and discovered that it is a really sought after model in theUSA. It is a 1954 Slantomatic 401! In the States they sell for over $300 but I expect it would cost rather a lot to post it…maybe I should find out.

Ginger and Splodge have been rooting around happily but are still very jumpy. Splodge was brave enough to take a crust from Freya but Ginger tried to bite instead. There is a part of the garden where the old wall has fallen down and if pigs were climbers they could hop up and run along the top and ultimately get out. My husband did not think pigs would be any good at climbing so he had not put up a barrier to stop them from doing this. So – the pigs easily hopped onto the top of the wall and trotted up and down. I was told to go and shoo them back. They did not want to go back – they were amazing climbing stunt pigs until Ginger slipped and held on for dear life with her trotters with an 8ft drop below. In a movie she would either be rescued by Splodge or clamber back up… she fell down. She was so startled that instead of running wildly around the garden or escaping, she forced herself back through the electric wire into her sty. There is now an extra piece of fence to prevent climbing.

I have been frustrated to discover that my embroidery software is not working properly. I called Husqvarna Notts, who said it was my computer and I should uninstall then reinstall the program. Now it’s even worse so I need to somehow sort that out by telephone – grr!

I was working on RWB this week. I had planned it on paper very carefully – lots of feathers to tie in with the flying theme. I thought I would use rulers and have a go at geometric Trapunto.

Nothing went according to plan at all. I realised that I could not easily use rulers since I took off the thread cutter so my extended base would not fit now. I decided to fake the Trapunto effect with 2 layers of Hobbs Polydown wadding but then “forgot” that Trapunto detail is often found in the central area whereas my centre got densely quilted.

My feathers were the worst EVER and I could not face the thought of unpicking so decided to disguise the wavery stems with gold rick-rack like on “Silent Movie Star”.


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