Serial Killer


   imperfect flying geese

Just when you think things are ticking along nicely, even dully, events occur that remind you not to become complacent.

Wellington has recently started the annoying habit of making a detour at the end of the morning walk and not coming back when called. He doesn’t usually go far or stay long but it is still disobedient. On Friday I had to go out so Tania said she’d keep an eye out for him and put him back in the run when he reappeared. Trusting Welly’s good character, she popped out to have coffee with Mo mid morning. When she got back there was a scene of horror in her back yard. A large animal had wrenched away the side of their pet rabbit’s run and killed Thumper. Although we have had daytime fox and mink attacks here in the past, the prime suspect at the scene of the crime wasWellington. He would not have come under suspicion except for the casserole rabbit last week. Tania was understandably upset and I was angry. I even considered re-homing Welly for just being a dog that I can’t enjoy.

The next day, for Freya’s birthday, we went to see the movie, “Marley & Me” about a most unruly dog. It was quite an emotional film. Towards the end it was obvious that Marley was going to die but it was all about the trials and tribulations of a family living with a very bad dog. It made me rethink. I am now determined to do some serious retraining to remind Welly who is boss. I took both dogs out across the fields on leads today which I’m sure they found rather dull as Welly usually runs ten times further when loose but they were surprisingly well behaved. Maybe I will be able to let him off again eventually when I can trust him to come back. My Mother reminded me of all the badly behaved family dog incidents we had as children and I began to wonder if I should stick to a single cat in future!

Even my patchwork took an unexpected downturn. I have started 2 panels as part of the yurt series. They are very simple and bright (they might not be included at the end…) sort of to illustrate where I have started from. I was assembling some flying geese using a formula for units of 4 FG that I just used on “Chocks Away”. However, I had to cut them all down to size because I somehow got the proportions wrong, even though I followed what I had written in my notebook AND about half of them had mysterious flaps!

I have now decided that when I write a book it will be titled, “How NOT to do Patchwork and Quilting”. It will have anecdotes about sundry disasters and instructions on how to do the project the correct way. I will have to get these thoroughly tested just to check. It my even have some recipes for things like “Critter Casserole” and where to hide your stash of Cadbury’s chocolate. Ellen has already promised to help promote it atHouston…

My outing this week was to go and see an Aga. I have coveted one of these archaic cast iron cookers for years. I had hoped to swap it for a quilt but the owners want cash instead. My husband told me it was a daft purchase to make for a kitchen that will not be remodelled for at least 3 years but I couldn’t help thinking that I would be getting a bargain. I spoke to a couple of Aga experts who have said that it is, so I have decided to see if they will let me pay in instalments. I could even put it in the flat above the new studio (after reinforcing the floor). That would be the ultimate in Country Cottage accommodation – a casserole in the Aga and socks drying on the rail!

I had a really good tidy up in the workshop, gearing myself up to the next major projects. The owner of the ugly quilt came to collect it and was absolutely delighted so that makes it all worthwhile. I had great success with the borrowed OHP and managed to project the Buddha line drawing onto my piece of silk that was pinned to the wall. I used a pink Sewline pencil which probably won’t wipe off but by the time I have used miles of metallic thread, no-one will notice. I have also experimented with tea-dyeing the Chinese silk from Hong-Kong. It was a very bright white but is now a subtle creamy brown.

I realised that I had the perfect backing for the Hungarian blue and white project. It is a vintage linen toile. This was an acquisition from a basement in a castle. I had thought that it was badly water damaged down one side so I put it in the washing machine but I have since decided that it was more likely to be poodle-pee. The lady of the castle has a poodle with the unsavoury habit of piddling against things, even indoors. The linen washed beautifully and I even managed to work out the pattern repeat and join it reasonably accurately.

I’m not sure how much work I’ll get done this week as the workshop is being hired by a tutor for two days. Last week I painted Freya’s bedroom for the first time in 8 years. My husband foolishly said, “Now that we have got the decorating bug…”

I will feel pleased if at least I get the Broken Dishes quilt loaded and start cutting the Buddha’s courthouse steps; some of this is silk so that will cause a few headaches and fudging, no doubt.


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