Rabbit Soup and a Flask of Coffee could save The Economy…



A friend called to ask if I wanted any rabbits. I said, “No!” when I thought she meant pets but she really meant dinner so that was fine. Her husband brought them over and informed me that he had gutted them but left their jackets on. My children were slightly aghast but fascinated when I proceeded to cut off the ends of the legs so I could skin them. I think it is important for them to see that food does not start off in cling-film. Now, I don’t do offal but the liver and kidney looked very fresh and delicate so I flash fried them as a “starter”. I was pleasantly surprised. Freya tried it, Fergus loved it but Fenella was not impressed. The main course was Lapin Supreme with mash so very economical. The leftovers made a slightly unusual soup the next day with the addition of pearl barley. I have been avoiding shopping again. Our local supermarket is closing for a 3 month refit so I will work my way through all the tins of kidney beans at the back of the pantry until there is nothing left! I enjoyed watching the revamped “Gardeners’ World” with the children so we bought some courgettes at a local plant sale to see if we can grow some produce to accompany the free meat.

I worked my way through Chapter 2 of EQ6 Simplified one evening. I am wondering if I will ever manage a project of my own as I follow each line of instructions to the letter without really knowing what I am doing or why. I really must sign up for The Quilt University class for beginners to see if that makes it clearer.

Mo, Tania and I went on a jaunt to Tarland this week. It was a beautifully clear day and a very scenic drive. We went to a picture framer, a tannery, an antique warehouse and saved money by enjoying a flask of coffee with posh biscuits in the car. We did not spend anything until stopping off at the junkshop on the way home. I bought a Magimix for £5, Tania picked up a Samsonite suitcase for £2 and Mo bought a great big table for £20 with the most amazing huge legs. I hope she gets fed up with it eventually because it would be great in my summerhouse. I’m not sure whether my Magimix blade is really sharp or not or whether it was simply defeated by the type of soup that I put in it.

I collected my new hens on Friday and got a tray of lovely fresh eggs too. I was supposed to get 5 hens but couldn’t choose so ended up with 6. I think one will have to go back. They are all ganging up on the Arucana that lays blue eggs so she is hiding under the henhouse.

Prizes were awarded at Paducah this week. Although I knew that mine would not win a prize, I had secretly hoped that it might. The placed quilts are on the AQS website and they are STUNNING!! I have appealed on the APQS forum that I would like a picture of it hanging at the show, hopefully with people looking at it.

I have been working on the Buddha quilt this week, trying to finish piecing the top before I go to Holland. It is a definite project for the “How Not to Quilt” book. I hope that if I forget my advice, someone will remind me not to use silk again in a hurry because it moves about and is tricky to square up accurately. I may not ever bother with Trapunto again. I decided to sew some of the outlines of the Buddha on the domestic sewing machine because I am not always great at following outlines on the longarm. I did this on bamboo wadding which is thin so it behaved well for DSM quilting but was a bit pointless for Trapunto. Then I had to snip carefully all the way round Buddha’s body. There are several puncture wounds… I even trimmed back a bit of wadding that was meant to be the ears so had to stick it back on with 505 spray glue which has now left an ugly splodge on the silk. The prairie points that were so carefully measured slithered a bit on the silk so some of them have gaps in between. This project will be embellished with LOTS of Mother of Pearl buttons to disguise the damage. I may even have to buy more buttons. I did eventually get the whole thing together after trimming the inner borders back to 2 and 5/8” – don’t even ask why it was such an odd measurement. There is also a flat piping but I decided that it was too wide. Instead of taking it all apart I will just fold it over again and couch on some strung pearl beads. This type of approach explains why British quilter, Philippa Naylor won the machine workmanship award at Paducah and why I probably never will… but I don’t suppose she will bring out a “How not to Quilt” book either!

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