Wellington the Hero!



I am typing my blog this week feeling absolutely shattered! Quilting is supposed to be a relaxing pastime but I seem to have turned it into an extreme sport and my week has been really stressful. I have been working ridiculous hours on Buddha. I really could not decide if I thought it was going well or horribly wrong. The metallic thread on silk was probably not one of my better ideas as you would see if I showed you the back! In my usual gung-ho fashion, I dispensed with the notion of using a ruler to do all of the linear quilting so I developed a manic freehand scribble. I kept telling myself that I could always paint over it with pearlescent paint then wondered why I bothered with the fancy thread at all… I posted pics of the work in progress on the APQS forum to get some feedback and I got a tremendous boost by being told that they all thought it was terrific. I still think the photos look better than the real thing but then I have probably got sick of looking at it by now. I decided to take it off the frame today because there were probably sufficient miles of thread on it by now. Now I have to decide whether to add the paint then hundreds of buttons and pearly trimmings.

In between doing all of this I chaired the Parent Council meeting, spent an evening at the C-team primary school football match (Fergus’ team were beaten 7-1), worked hard on Freya’s project on Yurts and Mongolia (I should get a good mark for that), deciphered the incomprehensible school reports that they all received, and almost ruined my expensive Dutch chintz quilt kit.

The Disaster of the Dutch Quilt Kit will be another chapter for the “How NOT to Quilt” book. It came with a small, slippery plastic triangle template for cutting out all 300+ small triangles. I decided that I would use my far more professional 60* ruler with the neat, straight bit at the top because then I could be super accurate in my cutting. I need a little quilt fairy to prod me when I get bright ideas like this – when I started to join all of my small triangles together, I discovered that the quarter inch seam allowance appeared to be missing. This was on Thursday evening when the quilt group was here so a far more pragmatic quilter pointed out that it is necessary to have all 3 sharp points on 60* triangles. I could have screamed with frustration and thrown them all away but swallowed my humble pie and decided that I would just have to use the small, slippery plastic template to trim them all back even smaller so they have 3 sharp points!!!

I spent some time one wet and windy afternoon making modifications to the hen house. The hens have been sleeping and pooping in their nest boxes and eating the eggs. I took some advice from an Eggspert and stapled curtains across the nest boxes to make them darker and nailed on higher perches. It seems to have done the trick as I now have my eggs again and a much cleaner hen house.

I have had to spend time on the internet searching for obscure Landrover parts. I had ordered them from my local garage but they are so laid back that nothing arrives for months. I will be driving to Dumbarton this week for the Loch Lomond Quilt show so could do with a new mudflap, air filter cover and 80/90 axle oil. Just occasionally, my student-days job working for Halfords, comes in quite handy with the odd snippet of mechanical memory coming to the surface.

After wondering for several weeks whether my Hungarian quilt would be accepted for the Papa Textiles Museum exhibition, I received an email asking me to post it ASAP! I thought I still had a few weeks to add a few discreet yoyos down the scalloped edge so that is something else I need to fit it.

I seemed to spend all weekend doing shopping for Freya’s school trip, groceries, diesel, hen food, dog food and doing chores that got in the way of QUILTING! I was so annoyed about all of this by Sunday that I made the children help. They put up with my ranting and were actually pretty useful. I was in a particularly bad mood because we had been on a Family Outing on Saturday evening. We were invited by some parents from Freya’s school to their ski-club Ceilidh. It was truly awful. The Caller for the dances was short tempered and determined to make them all complicated. The people who invited us then proceeded to ignore us and then we couldn’t persuade Freya and her friends to join in the dancing. We should have just gone to the cinema to watch “Startrek”!

At the part of Sunday when I was particularly frustrated about my lack of quilting time the children came to tell me that the pigs had gone missing. This is the point when you may well think that I just make my whole blog up. I have decided that things like this happen just so I can put them in the blog. I had told my husband that Ginger and Splodge were working away at a part of the fence but he said they were too big and too happy to bother escaping. There was a gap under the fence big enough to get a cow through!

I followed the trotter prints up the newly seeded field and it looked like they had gone off into the rough ground and bracken. I went back for a bucket of pig nuts, help from the neighbours and a daft spaniel which may just help to flush them out.

After tracking the dainty prints across the field for a while, two happy looking pigs were spotted two fields away near to the main road. I warned my helpers to stay back for a while so I could shake the bucket and hope for the best.Wellingtonfollowed and then proved to be the most amazing pig-dog. The pigs cheerily followed my bucket and were moved along by Welly who had developed a masterful herding instinct. I easily got them all the way back home and got help to fix the fence.

At 6 o’clock I enjoyed a very large and refreshing Gin & Tonic!


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