Wonky Tartan?!



This week has been a blur – again! I had several different projects going on. It’s a shame that doesn’t help you to lose weight. It should but I daresay that chocolate must cancel it out. Buddha has been getting mother of pearl buttons in increasing numbers. He started off with a few beside the prairie points but then I thought they looked quite good all over, without going too Pearly King  & Queen, that is… It is quite difficult getting them to stay in place. The tacking gun didn’t hold them so I have stuck them down with masking tape so they are roughly in the right place. It is a pain to move the quilt and all the carefully positioned embellishments just fall off! The original plan was to run a string of pearls around the border too but now it doesn’t look right. I even bought a foot for the machine to sew on strung pearls so may justify it by putting them next to the binding later.

I got the Region 16 QGBI raffle quilt done. This was a slightly odd job. A lot of people don’t like intense quilting and it is a fairly everyday sort of quilt. I thought about lots of ideas that might appeal to a wide audience and came up with the idea of swirls that I thought were slightly Pictish. I also did my casual cross-hatch because it reminds me of thistle tops and has a wonky tartan effect. I kept it simple and just shrunk the patterns in the middle. I want people to see that this is what I might call “utility” quilting. The Region 16 Committee seemed to like the photos so I hope they like the real thing too!

I decided that since June was fast approaching, I had better hurry up with my “Popular Patchwork” instructions for “Silent Movie Star” so I worked for ages on getting the text and pictures in the right order. I decided to do a photo-step-by-step set of instructions for the corner stars. This meant that I had to make a whole block specially but at least I know it works. I am going to make 4 more of these anyway for the Longarm Challenge quilt at FOQ (I must remember to confirm that I am entering!)

Jenny came over to help me get to grips with EQ6. She had done a couple of classes and wanted an actual project to test out all the theory. She had got the basic layout all set up by using the custom setting. I had read that chapter but my mind glazed over. She made me realise that there are several different ways of achieving the same goal in EQ6 and none of it was as complicated as it first seemed. Together we scanned in the actual fabrics. We even got the film strip border into the plan. I still think these programs like to get one-up on the operator though. Every now and then it would do odd things like put a rogue block into the line drawings that was not there on the colour version. The other weird thing is that EQ6 has “decided” that the finished quilt is 63” square, despite putting all the correct measurements in. The real thing is 58” square… The magazine staff will wonder why on earth they agreed to let me write a project for them when such a fat envelope arrives at their office. I even drew up fabric cutting plans. They will probably have to edit at least half of it out but at least I know that an idiot quilter like me should be able to complete the project from start to finish!

I took time off on Wednesday to go into Aberdeen where I bought very little at the very nice bead shop. I have so much to do at the moment that I almost can’t think about buying stuff unless it is for a project that is underway. The other purchase was a set of 3 enormous mugs for coffee with friends. They are so big that a top-up would not be necessary but since a top-up is actually part of the coffee drinking ritual, we will probably just drink twice as much.

At the weekend I went down to Edinburgh with my husband, Fergus and Fenella. Freya was away on a school activity weekend so it was interesting to see what it was like to have 2 children. There was a third less moaning about having sore feet, needing a drink or being bored! The weather was abnormally hot for Scotland in the high 20’s Celsius. We went to the zoo which I enjoyed more than I thought I would. I felt really slim at the zoo since quite a lot of the rest of the population there seemed to be quite a lot larger than me. There were some very sunburnt people wandering around without their shirts on… when I become Prime Minister I will ban people wandering around in public half naked! Edinburgh was very lively by comparison to Aberdeenshire. We saw the world’s most pierced and tattooed woman and the children were amazed at the number of people picnicking in the park. We enjoyed the National Gallery and Museum of Scotland despite looking around the exhibits with the low boredom threshold of the under 8’s! We had a great supper at Wagamamas which was the first time we have been anywhere a bit “exotic” that the children have also enjoyed.

Tania had been very kindly looking after the livestock for me. The pigs had kept tipping out their water to make a wallow. David said he hoped I had not intended to enter them into a show since they were so filthy!

Monday came around again with lots of washing to do and I was left in charge of the quilt shop. Four very nice ladies came on an outing from Blairgowrie and kept me busy for a while cutting fat quarters and chatting about projects. One of them said she thought I might be Linzi but wasn’t sure as was not wearing my bright green boots. It was actually too hot for Doc Martens again but our lovely spell of weather is due to break and snow is forecast on high ground later in the week – that is absolutely typical of Scotland in high summer!


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