Coffee with a Goose


After having a whole day of quilting on Tuesday I was looking forward to my Wednesday coffee with friends, Tania and Mo. As I walked into Mo’s kitchen I was not actually surprised to see a large gosling flip-flopping around the kitchen. Mo is babysitting her for another friend. The gosling is called Cara and apparently was the only egg to hatch from an incubator clutch so she was lonely! The little goose waddled along behind whatever human was going anywhere and kept tripping over her flippers. She was very sweet but growing at the most incredible speed. I wonder if she will be as cute in another week’s time…

I worked madly on the customer quilt and was able to finish it by Friday. It was for Barbara at Milton Studio who pretty much lets me have free rein so there were lots of colours and patterns used. It’s a super quilt, loosely based on “Scattered Garden Quilts”. There is a central bright Hidden Wells area then lots of large appliqué flowers. Barbara made it much larger with the addition of huge additional diamond areas. I did not manage to photograph it before I took it back as we have been having dramatic downpours and hail this week.

I collected a neglected treadle machine this week as it was rumoured that I collect them… well I guess that is how you get started on collecting! This had been sitting in a polytunnel on a seed potato grower’s farm and they were delighted that I might offer it an appreciative retirement home. It is a 1937 Singer model 201K and apparently one of the sturdiest models ever made. So far I have given it a cursory clean but it will need to have its cabinet stripped down and revarnished. I expect it will be happy to work after a bit of oiling but I haven’t had time to play with it yet. It even has a proper bobbin instead of one of those fiddly boat shuttles. At the moment it is sitting in the middle of my workshop but I will eventually find a place for it.

We finally received the building quotes for the new studio – they were 2-3 times more than we expected! Now I really have to look at a business plan to see if we can get a mortgage and if I seriously think it can pay one back. I am disappointed that it was so unexpectedly high because this will require some creative thinking to proceed and push ahead with the project. I will have to come up with a cunning plan…

I visited the “Taste of Grampian” food fair at the weekend. It was a huge local produce market with lots of delicious free samples including some fabulous honey whisky liqueur. Funny that Tania, Mo and I all independently sampled that one and all bought a bottle! It has been going down a treat in the yurt with the fire lit and a couple of chapters of my book have even been drafted in the evening… it IS chilly in Scotland in June, after all.

By Sunday I still had not done any of my quilting projects. I seemed to be catching up on washing, emails, printing the QGBI new membership list, writing a report on the meeting that I attended on behalf of the Parent Council etc, etc. I did manage to go and see another longarmer in the area and buy some lovely Aurifil from her in the evening though.

I decided to be a nice Mummy and take the children to the cinema on Monday since they had the day off. We went to see “Coraline” which was a brilliantly dark animation. I recognised myself in the self-absorbed and impatient mother so treated them to lunch afterwards and a campfire with soup, hot chocolate and marshmallows! That has increased  my kudos level  with them for a while. I even tidied spring-cleaned the yurt and think I might move the daybed into it for the summer holidays. Now it’s Tuesday tomorrow so I have another customer quilt waiting and MUST work on Buddha this week. The school holidays are only a few weeks away and that means the deadline for FOQ is looming… but I am  just going to go back out to the yurt first!

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