Distracted by Jam


I should have been quilting all day but jam–making took over. I now have 6 jars of Victoria Plum and a large bottle of cherry syrup for vodka. We have a great crop of wild black cherries but most of them are well out of reach. I might make some wild rowan jelly but I need to find some crab apples to add. The only thing stopping me from brewing, boiling, bottling and labelling will be when I run out of jars. Freya has requisitioned quite a few to fill with Harry Potter potions of food colouring and herbs.

I also had several phone calls and a day of e-mails so it’s a wonder that I managed not to spill or burn any of the molten berry and sugar mixtures.

I had to attach new straps to the yurt crown cover as the B&Q stuff had rotted in the sun. I started the job with the hand crank machine outside. It stitched through the sailcloth beautifully but I could not reduce the stitch size or go backwards so I ended up dragging it inside complete with squashed cherries, bird poo and earwigs. I have rigged up a temporary plastic tarpaulin so that some of the acidic mess does not go all over the canvas – I think it could shorten the lifespan of the roof cover.

I rattled off a pretty squares quilt made from Fabric Freedom William Morris prints for my Mother-in Law’s birthday but haven’t quilted it yet. It is only a single size so should be done quite quickly when I stop making jam and checking e-mails.

I put on all of the hotfix crystals on LSD and got the label ready…LSD is the pink and orange quilt! The most popular name chosen for it by the APQS forum was “Linzi in the Sky with Diamondz”.

I finally managed to get in touch with Beryl Cadman, the European Gammill distributor as she had organised the challenge and was going to hang it all at FOQ. She informed me that she had only just found out that she would be charged a large fee to have the gallery at FOQ so would now only be able to display one or two quilts in her booth. I spoke to someone today who informed me that the layout for FOQ was confirmed with all exhibitors in May. I have now decided to enter it into a couple of shows. Funny, really… it was not made for a competition so lacks some finesse but often these are the quilts that are freer so you never know. I have asked Grosvenor Exhibitions if they will accept it at the Scottish Quilt Championships even though today was the deadline for entries. Ferret suggested that I send it to the USA so I might just look into Road to California and there is always MQS 2010.

Don’t tell my husband, but I went to Costco and paid cash for a new camera! It’s a Panasonic Lumix TZ6 and I know several people who are delighted with what it can do. I have never been satisfied with the sharpness and colour of quilts, especially indoors. I decided that I need a really good camera for shows and for the yurt in progress project.

Popular Patchwork called today to check some of the details of the “Silent Movie Star” instructions. They have given it a 5-star difficulty rating! The inner part is really easy but the corners and borders are fiddly to describe. A tester has tried it out and it all seems to work. It will be a 2-part project in September and October 2009. I’m so excited!

I have ordered some special cakes to take to FOQ to share with the longarmers I meet there. I can’t post pics of them yet because I want it to be a yummy surprise – they are definitely low fat!

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