Lost and Found



I wonder how many divorce cases would cite pig keeping or quilting as reasons to dissolve a marriage? My husband and I had a row the other night as we chased the pig around in the dark. Ginger had dug her way out of the garden. My husband was annoyed that I had been so busy quilting that I had not spent any time checking the perimeter of the pig fence. Freya had noticed the hole and reported that Ginger had taken a while to appear for her afternoon snack. The pig had not really run away – just gone on a temporary wander. I think she would have come back when she felt like it but I admit she should not actually have been on the loose. I set off with my bucket in the failing light and she came trotting over but then decided to lie down and not budge. There ensued quite a bit of chasing, choice words and sense of humour failure…

I had a bed-runner to do that was a bit odd since it didn’t have a back. I had to pin thin and stretchy black poly wadding to my canvas leaders and quilt wiggly lines along the central area of some black silk. This was Mo’s idea – she seemed to think it would be easier to finish off by folding in the unquilted top and bottom third than quilting 3 layers and binding the edges and since she is an experienced interior designer I didn’t argue. I will argue the next time.

We had a good look at some log-cabins that would be suitable for guest accommodation. There was a particularly nice German one with a few rooms and a sleeping loft. We need to upgrade the septic tank, reapply for planning permission then add up all of the costs. I asked 2 builders to come and look at the alterations that I have planned for the existing studio and neither one turned up to look at the job in order to give me a quote. I find this sort of thing is SO infuriating.

I managed to do a couple of sections on the paper foundation pieced spear that goes with the shield/seed pod. It is a very slow process and I just haven’t got the patience for it. I haven’t decided quite how to quilt it. It could be a bit tribal. I think I’d quite like to use a DSM to use the walking foot around the outside of the shield but I know the inner part is “full” due to the dress-making method of putting it together that I didn’t like so I expect that I’ll just wing it as usual.

I continued with the easy-peasy jelly roll on Thursday evening. It is nice to have a stress-free evening project although I do need to get on with some more yurt panels since the weeks are slipping away.

After school on Friday I drove down to Fife with Freya and Fenella in the Landy so that we could get to the Quilters’ Guild Regional Day on time the next morning. We sang along to “Mamma Mia” on the iPod, scoffed sweets and Freya did a great job of navigating as we did not get lost at all over the weekend. After staying overnight with my Uncle Peter we arrived at the venue before 9.00am but I was told that most of my duties had already been done as I had not arrived early enough. The traders had already been issued with their coffee vouchers and had their raffle prizes extracted so all I did was get in their way. I did try to be useful in other ways by minding people’s stalls so they could go to the loo and I also helped to clear up at the end despite having a 3 hour trip home still to do! It was great to meet up with quilting friends, Ellen, Angela and many others.

The speakers were good. Annette Morgan did a PowerPoint presentation on her work and inspirations. There was lots of photo manipulation, painting, burning and similar abstract stuff. It was very interesting but not something that I feel desperate to do myself. Gloria Loughman managed to bring more quilts with her due to her husband’s luggage allowance and her talk was more anecdotal. Her work is gorgeous in real life. I was taking note of both presentation techniques as I’m doing my first ever talk this week.

After being paid for the maple leaf quilt, I went straight to the Bring & Buy table and bought a quilt top. It is in lovely simple, bright colours, measuring 81” square. It had been pieced by a Guild member who died and it just spoke to me. I hope to place an order for a Quiltazoid gadget soon (once I get paid for the tapestry monster) and this would be a great quilt to experiment on. I also bought a super journal quilt by Jan Watson but it got lost. I think that it somehow did not go in the bag with the quilt top and perhaps was resold by mistake.

Freya and Fenella did a full day Young Quilters’ workshop on crazy patchwork. They both produced tea-cosies and all of the YQ’s wore them on their heads when they paraded onto the stage for “Show & Tell”. Both girls really enjoyed their day and Freya now feels that she knows the other YQ’s from around Scotland pretty well. Fenella just fitted straight in, as usual!

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