I started another project…


I have finished 3 little Golden Double Wedding Ring mini quilts in different mini fills this week and almost finished shells and plumes on a Christmassy pineapple log-cabin. I also started to put together some flying geese blocks that I made ages ago for a yurt panel. So on balance, you would think that I had made good progress. However, in the odd quiet moment in the shop on Monday, I started planning a completely new project. I have organised an Aberdeenshire Area QGBI day in November and had decided to do a mystery strippy Christmas project. It occurred to me that I should complete an example to show the participants. That would have been fine but then I decided to make the project MUCH bigger as my husband recently commented that we never seemed to get a new quilt for our bed. This new, big Christmas project involved a lot of cutting that seemed to take over completely from the time that I had allocated to yurt panel making. This is another project also in addition to the Thursday evening relaxation jelly roll quilt and the growing collection of miscellaneous vintage quilt tops also belonging to me. I must take myself in hand and have a crackdown on yurt panel piecing!

I have continued to battle with Aurilux thread. It seems to quilt along beautifully but then just shreds or comes undone. I now have a horizontal thread holder but could not say it has improved matters much. My Stitch Regulator is playing up again so I will make some adjustments but I think it needs new rubber washers – it has probably had more than average wear. This has meant that I have been stitching in non SR mode which is faster so tricky thread becomes even more demanding. I want to try a large cone to see if it is simply the shape of the spool that is at fault but so far the UK distributor for Aurifil has been like one of my invisible builders. Although, a builder did appear in order to measure up for insulation and new windows in my workshop. I wonder what ridiculous cost that will be?

I was feeling pleased with myself that I had found a UK supplier of bobbin cases and aluminium bobbin cases that match my APQS machine. However, supporting the UK economy will be difficult as it costs less than half price to import the same parts from the USA.

I offered to pick up a big jubilee clip for Mo’s yurt stove pipe when I was in town this week. I’m sure the ironmonger thinks I deliberately try to think of unusual things that he does not stock because I always seem to ask for oddities like obscure fuses or zinc mesh. All the same, it’s a good place to go for mouse traps, fireworks and Jeyes fluid.

Even though I did not manage to find a 6” jubilee clip, Mo, Tania and I had a yurt night on Friday with curry and champagne. We rigged up a small TV and watched a DVD. “Mongol” was in Mongolian with subtitles and told the brutal story of the young Genghis Khan. There were plenty of battles, yurts and quilted coats. We had to move the small telly closer so we could read the tiny subtitles but it was a great film!

I gave my first ever talk and PowerPoint presentation at the Aberdeen P&Q group. I had not realised that the notes that I carefully added to the bottom of my slides would not appear on the screen once it was all connected to the projector. There probably was a way but no-one there knew how. Anyway, I ad-libbed my way through the 60 slides. The talk lasted approximately 30 minutes which was slightly brief but at least people didn’t have time to get bored. I was told that everyone could hear at the back and that it was amusing and interesting – phew! I have made myself some notes to add if I get asked to do it again and will add some more anecdotes about how I think I got started with gold lame in the first place. I should probably give them more about my background and offer a Q&A session afterwards. I was even asked where you can buy “Popular Patchwork” magazine locally as part 2 of “Silent Movie Star” is in the October edition.

Over the weekend I tried not to spend so much time quilting so I fixed new perches up in the hen-house, added cider vinegar to the water, helped to tidy out the yurt which had got a bit cobwebby, and checked that bad pig’s fence. BUT, I did waste time trying to figure out why the Quilt Quine email has mysteriously stopped working. I also phoned my web provider to complain that I am still being billed for extra bandwidth or having my blog taken offline despite supposedly having unlimited bandwidth!

I even went on a family day out on Sunday to a vintage working horse transport demonstration day. It was overpriced and decidedly tame. A fake cowboy trotted after someone in a cow suit. I don’t suppose you would see that at a rodeo in Montana…

We went out for tea and I overindulged in a huge venison stew followed by a rich cinnamon rice pudding. It was absolutely delicious!

I don’t seem to have taken many quilty pictures this week but I photographed the bales in the field beside the house. The weather has been lovely – crisp in the morning and evening but still warm in the sun. The leaves are just starting to change colour and it’s getting dark earlier. There are still plenty of blackberries so I may have to spend some time picking and freezing them this week. I should think that bramble syrup would also go very nicely in vodka to be drunk in the yurt on a cold winter evening.


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