Pigs and Ladders


It has been one of those weeks where not much quilting has been done but lots of other useful things were sorted out. Milton Studio has had several requests to replicate the fabrics used for “Silent Movie Star”. Small shops only get a few metres of fabrics in at a time and when they finish a bolt they don’t tend to get the same again. I have had to call people and explain that while not all of the originals are still available, I can choose a selection that will work just as well. It will be fascinating to see what other people produce using similar but not identical material.

Tuesday was Ginger’s Last Day and I am pleased to report that the whole operation went very smoothly. She had really taken a fancy to her new home on wheels so all I had to do was toss in a couple of apples into the trailer. I felt like a proper lady farmer as I hitched up the trailer, opened and shut various field gates and drove off to the abattoir sedately. Because I knew the way this time, I did not have to back a trailer up in any awkward places and Ginger arrived snoozing, totally oblivious to her fate. It may sound heartless but I would rather send off a happy pig than an upset one any day.

George the Builder managed to put up all of the insulation boards in the smaller workshop this week. This meant that I had to reattach all of the ceiling drapery to hide all of the utility rafters and the new silver boards. I decided that I am not nearly as confident up a ladder as I once may have been. I did the job single-handed and had to shin up and down with my staple gun. I ended up with a spare length of fabric so I obviously didn’t gather it as much as I had originally. I kept looking at it critically but then reminded myself that people don’t usually walk into a room and start examining the ceiling. I had to go and buy another piece of carpet as the cheap foam-backed one had melded itself to the floor in the other workshop and would only disintegrate if moved. Mo and I were amused at the young lad who shoved the carpet into the car. He had those stupid baggy jeans that hang down so when he deposited the carpet his whole backside fell out – not an attractive look!

I moved the yurt and some of the furniture through and realised that the room is not as big as I had thought. I had hoped it would be roomy enough for a second, smaller Longarm machine and an office area but it will be a bit of a squeeze.

I had to go and pay a Customs ransom twice this week on parcels from USA. I can just about put up with the VAT charge but I really do object to the Post Office’s £8.00 “handling fee” on top. I have received two sets of R&S Design boards and they look great. All I need now is the stylus and the patience to try them out. I am ready to move Milli so it seems like a good time to fit the Edgerider wheels at last. I am optimistic that I might be able to tip the 14ft table and move it in one piece but I suspect that I may actually have to take it all apart. It will be a good opportunity to give the whole thing a really thorough clean and check the levels.


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