Tempted to Buy a Vineyard



The French holiday continued to be fantastique! I had a great time trying to remember my very basic French and picking up new ones… par example: “Wellington est un epangleur mechant!” The weather was bright and sunny until the last 2 days. I really enjoyed the markets, sitting in cafes, drinking wine and reading a book in the afternoon, stationery shops and the beautiful scenery of endless vineyards. I did not find any French fabric and the patchwork sections in the few Merceries that I went into were pretty sparse. I left the directions to the shop in Narbonne in the car – doh! As we drove further north from Edinburgh airport back towards Aberdeenshire, the rain got worse and it has hardly stopped since. The trees have now almost lost their leaves and everywhere is sodden. I could be quite easily persuaded to move to France. I could keep wild boar, make stinky cheese, run quilting retreats and wear my favourite stripy jumpers…

I remained in a holiday mood for another couple of days. There was a mountain of post, 439 emails and 10 phone messages. I need a whole uninterrupted day sorting all of my correspondence out. I have had a couple of requests to teach Longarming and even do a talk so I need to jot these all down in my diary. We had Fenella’s 6th Birthday party. She is delighted with her little red sewing machine and is quite happy just sewing scraps of fabric together to make Sylvanian Family blankets and pillows. We had hoped to have a campfire and some fireworks but it was too wet. We had traditional party games in the house and dangled doughnuts from the kitchen lights. There was pumpkin soup, followed by Splodge burgers and the usual party fare of crisps and cakes. Now I need to write out some Thank You letters for Fenella to finish off.

We spent Sunday moving and adjusting Milli into the newly insulated part of the workshop. It is definitely warmer in there now. This is a task that I had been dreading but we tackled it methodically and everything went back together again. I used the opportunity to put the Edgerider wheels on at last. I have had a very quick doodle and haven’t quite decided whether it is slightly stiff but it feels pretty good. I felt very rusty and in need of practice but I never feel that I do anything worthwhile on scrap fabric. I need a real quilt to make me try harder. It is tempting to move more sewing stuff into the studio but I need to leave a space to shift things when the other part of the studio gets insulation and new windows. If the postal strike allows I should have a fun quilt coming to squeeze in before a weekend of longarm tuition so that should help to blow the cobwebs away.


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