Operator Error and Mechanical Malfunctions


In a week where I lost 2 whole quilting days to working in the shop, attending meetings about forthcoming meetings and a school project it was obvious that the remaining time would be taken up by things not running as smoothly as they should. The boiler repair man failed to appear because he went to the wrong house, the dishwasher blew up with a bang and I spent 3 hours unpicking 3 minutes worth of longarming. I thought I had the sequence for setting up Quiltazoid spiro designs off pat; I had read the instructions several times, after all. I stitched a super spiro design but it was decidedly off centre. I looked at the DVD again over a cup of coffee and realised that I had not completed the set-up properly. I started all over again, checking that everything was in place but still the design was not as central as expected. It was at this point when it dawned on me that I have been working on a very wonky quilt. The blocks are not equal in size and the whole thing is skewed. I decided that this piecer would not notice what I was noticing at close range so stippled around the spiros and used my channel locks for some rather nice piano key quilting.

I had 2 new enquiries about APQS machines this week. I am delighted to be able to offer detailed and helpful advice but there are still details that I need to check and lots of emails or phone calls to the USA or Australia for advice. I had hoped to get 2 customer quilts done but that didn’t happen so the yurt project has gone untouched for another week!

I have made some progress with the “Bloody Christmas Bargello.” Something got out of sync in one of the first 2 sections despite keeping very orderly piles of strips. Perhaps I should have tackled this project all at once and not moved until it was done. No-one apart from me will be able to see the mistake and it is not destined for a show BUT that is not the point and I expect it will annoy me for some time to come!

My bank account is in serious need of funds. This week I have ordered Claudia Pfeil’s new Feather DVD, 5 sets of Darlene Epp Pocket Guides for Freehand Quilting, and plane tickets to Birmingham with a rail detour to Shropshire for a weekend of tuition at the end of November. I also phoned the Westin Inn, Rhode Island and made a booking for MQX since there was no availability on the Internet.

I can always spend quilting money without a qualm but I had to do some other shopping for a posh Carol Service that my husband’s company is hosting. After unsuccessfully trying to get a frock on in M&S, I dashed into Phase Eight where I instructed the assistant to locate a little black dress with sleeves that would last me forever so that I would never have to buy one ever in my life again – I gave her 20 minutes…she did it! I informed the shoe shop assistant that I needed black evening shoes that were wide and comfy, didn’t look like old lady shoes and would do for every posh occasion that I am ever invited to in the future. She had a sense of humour and that mission was also accomplished.

George the Builder managed to fit 2 new windows in the workshop and I have compromised on the stopcock issue. The new door will go where the old door was so we don’t have to dig up pipes and can get on with the job.

I had a near disaster when I attempted to take Fenella to a pony-riding birthday party but didn’t actually have any directions. I thought it was somewhere on the way to Stonehaven, realised it wasn’t, texted a friend who believed it was near a garden centre, flagged down a cyclist and a dog-walker and discovered that it was somewhere entirely different. In the end I found it, off the dual carriageway near Dunnotar Castle and was only 15 minutes late. I apologised profusely, the lesson was still getting underway and Fenella has been sworn to secrecy not to tell anyone at home how lost we were!


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