Let it Snow!


As usual in December, life seems to have been getting more and more hectic. I visited Angie in Northamptonshire to give her some longarm lessons. We had a detour to the Bramble Patch which was fully stocked with a super range of fabrics and great classroom spaces.

There was a major hold-up on the train in Birmingham and it was rather a squeeze as passengers all tied to get on the one train that was running. Everyone was good natured and it really was an opportunity to eavesdrop on all sorts of people. There was a couple drinking vodka straight out of a bottle and a girl received a marriage proposal from her boyfriend who even got down on one knee.

I was on my way to see Diana in Shrewsbury to check her machine over and give her some tuition too. Her shop is “Castle Court Quilter” and she had a super selection of fabric and threads.

I spent Monday sorting through a pile of mail and laundry. Frustratingly, the email was down for no particular reason which always drives me mad! I visited the butcher twice to collect my bespoke bacon but the first time he couldn’t find it and the second time he just wasn’t there which was more than a little irritating…

I continued working on the massive Christmas bargello and spent an afternoon at Durris School sewing with the P5-7 class. My new computer still had not arrived as it seemed to be stuck in the delivery depot at Aberdeen.

The workshop got a super, new glass door and the roof insulation was completed. There was a dusting of snow on the hills and everyone I meet is rushing around as if Christmas is coming! On top of that I had a birthday party for Fergus and I even managed to post all of my Christmas cards.


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