After waiting 2 days for the paint to dry in the workshop, I splashed the second coat on top of the ice crystals that had formed on the walls. It really was Arctic and my hands must have been so cold that I didn’t feel the hefty knock that my finger took when shifting the old porcelain sink until it went purple later. I did enjoy listening to Radio 4 plays and interviews. I find that I can only enjoy talking radio when I don’t have to think about anything else. By January 1st I was feeling a bit frustrated with the holidays. I was itching to get the workshop back to normal, ready to tackle some yurt panels.  I persuaded my wonderful friend Mo to help me get the ceiling drapes up. I had a go at it myself using a hand staple gun but it was far too difficult. She is a pro and has an industrial compressor staple gun.

The continuing snowy weather made a trip to Edinburgh IKEA impossible but I braved the roads to order a new piece of carpet from the Cheapo Carpet Shop. I crawled along sensibly in the Landy but met quite a few cars that were driving far too fast for the conditions. The main roads were passable but the side roads were white. There was a surreal sight as I passed a farm with ostriches in the paddock, scratching around in the snow. I wish I’d stopped to take a photo! Dog walking has been more of a trudge this week. Mabel has been sinking in up to her oxters. I can’t imagine wanting to be a polar explorer tramping through snow for months on end. It would be good exercise, though!

We braved the crowds in Aberdeen to do a bit of Sale shopping. Freya got some jeans, boots and a coat after a lot of searching and eye-rolling. Fenella bought a rabbit from the Bear Factory and I came away empty-handed. But I did see something that took my fancy in Schuh…  so I ordered a pair of shiny gold Doc Martens when I got home. They are very C3PO but I think they will be great when I am exhibiting the finished Yurt to pay homage to the touches of gold lame in the panels!

I have been pondering how to fit a Lenni quilting frame into the workshop in the future as the new longarm room is not quite big enough and I want to keep the larger room as a classroom/studio. I have trawled through the IKEA catalogue and cut bits of paper up to see how everything could fit in. The trouble is that, there are things that I don’t want to get rid of such as a large cutting table that I found outside and renovated and a couple of old treadles. They are not really essential items but I like them! I still need a cupboard to store quilts properly and I’m supposed to vacate the sewing room in the house eventually. I have worked out that my 14ft Milli frame needs to be 12”-18” shorter. I think that importing a smaller frame will be awfully expensive so I need to investigate a skilled metal worker who could cut it all down a bit and drill some holes back in the correct places.

The family computer seems to have caught a serious virus and would appear to be broken. Luckily I had backed everything up onto an external hard drive recently apart from emails. It meant that I have had to get to grips with Windows 7. So far I think that it is all a bit long-winded. Copying, moving and saving are a palaver. It should have been a simple task to transfer documents over from the HD but it did not just do it all automatically and logically. It makes me wonder if a Macbook might have been easier. I just need to spend a bit more time bonding with the new laptop. My main resolution of 2010 is to spend less time on the computer and more time quilting but so far I haven’t stuck to it successfully!


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