Blind Fury


This was the week that was meant to be spent spring cleaning the studio, sewing room and clearing out old clothes and toys… Due to snow and ice, school was closed for the whole week so none of these jobs could really be done. I was hoping that the new workshop carpet would arrive on Wednesday so that I could put all the tables back that had been cleared away. There was one on top of the chest freezer and the others were piled up in the longarm room. Needless to say, the fitters cancelled due to adverse road conditions. By Thursday I had cabin fever as I had let David borrow the Landy for several days and I had not been out all week. I took Fenella and Fergus with me on a trip to buy blinds, an electric screwdriver and yet another oil-filled radiator.

It seemed like a good idea to buy the cheapest, plainest roller blinds for the studio. However, you really do get what you pay for. After cutting them all to size, I found that the Chinese measurements given for setting the brackets were wrong so the first one simply fell down and smashed the mechanism. This meant another trip back into Aberdeen to get a replacement. It took me quite some time to get the roller blinds up and I have to pull the cord VERY gently or they simply fall off their crappy brackets. I wondered whether I should have made 3 pairs of curtains but had decided that it would take too long. I probably will make curtains now anyway because I can’t see the roller blinds lasting more than a few weeks!

All the disruption this week put me in a most frustrated mood. I was unable to use the workshop so just didn’t feel in the right frame of mind to get on with the yurt panels but I eventually found several useful things to do. I bonded with my new computer, loading up files from the old one which caught a really nasty virus and has since had to be reformatted. Luckily I backed everything up in late November so only lost a couple of documents and my old emails. I watched Claudia Pfeil’s DVD on longarm feathers which I really enjoyed because she seems to tackle them in the same order as me. It made me realise that my occasional feather phobia is down to confidence, not technique. In the end, I got rid of the doldrums by working away at a simple jelly roll throw.

The workshop carpet was fitted on Friday, despite the men complaining that it wouldn’t sit flat because the room was too cold. I was able to spend the weekend sorting out a new workspace. I still have not made it to IKEA to buy bookcases and a storage system for fabric but at last, all of my sewing stuff is in one place! There are still some jobs to do like new lights, plumbing, shelving, and blocking up an old window but it is ready for me to work in and resume classes. It will free up a room in the house when everything moves out. Then we will have to decide what this room becomes. It has only ever been a playroom, sewing room or junk room. I think it should be a study or posh den but everyone in the family has a different opinion on what it should become.

My fingers are crossed that the children will return to school on Monday, I will go to the Post Office with a couple of packages and then I will get stuck into the yurt project at last…

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Quirky Quilter in Scotland Creator of The Quilted Yurts, Patchwork Smart Car, Metallic Norse Wholecloths, Coracle, Quilted Henge, Quilting Tutor & Speaker, Occasional Pig-Keeper, Primary School Teacher, Mother, Writer, Landrover Enthusiast, Gin Connoisseur

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