Marvellous Meatballs and MDF



Despite heavy rain and very wet roads with thawing snow I made it to IKEA in Edinburgh at last! I spent a small fortune on MDF bookcases, a half price linen cabinet and wire trolleys to keep my fabric stash under the quilt frame. You can’t go to IKEA without having meatballs for lunch so we did. We were amazed at what people were trying to squeeze into their cars. A plump couple were cramming a kitchen into their very small car. The suspension looked strained, the boot had to be tied shut with string, the driver could hardly do any steering or see out and the wife would have to be pulled out with a winch after she got wedged into the back seat. Another couple realised that the double bed and mattress that they had just purchased would not fit into their car. The Landy just about coped but it is designed to carry sheep, not flatpack so everything was piled up higgledy-piggledy.

I spent all of Sunday assembling my new furniture without help. I find instructions very hard to follow but I figured it out and impressed myself by putting together the linen cabinet – there were hinges, drawers, catches and all sorts of fittings to contend with. It was interesting to note that my quilt frame is obviously not altogether level as the trolleys did not all fit underneath as they should. I have decided to leave the Milli untouched so that the maintenance class actually has something to see and do. I used to tidy up frantically before the cleaning lady came when I was a teacher; she would complain that I left her nothing to do – so this is the same principle!

I have enjoyed working in the new studio. The new electric stove is terrific – it looks quite realistic and can easily be shifted. A woodburner would have been nice but not so adaptable. After figuring out where to put a design wall, I have ordered an office screen that can be moved and both sides can be used. It was great that everything was in one room so that I didn’t have to wonder if it was in the house or workshop. I spent 2 days cutting large pieces of Oakshott into random strips that I will use for some simply pieced panels. I feel that most of the panels need to be fairly simple to allow for time to do some intricate quilting. I also started some piecing but didn’t get as much done as I had hoped by the time I had also fitted in cooking, school activities and homework. At least I seem to have managed to spend slightly less time on the computer.

There was a discussion on the Accuquilt Studio cutting system on the APQS forum. It sounds like I could have got my cutting done in a fraction of the time using this gadget which seems to be like a giant pasta making machine for fabric. However, it is $950 plus shipping and customs so it will have to wait for a while! I collected my parcel of Filtec threads and had to part with an extra £30, most of which was handling fees. It would be more economical to place smaller orders so that the total value of the packages is less.

I received an email from Road to California with judges’ comments to say that my quilt looked good at the show, was well pieced but did not hang absolutely straight. I was impressed that they took the trouble to inform everyone of the winners and give some feedback so promptly. It will be shipped to Bonnie in New York after the show so I’ll see if she can work some magic on it to flatten it out before MQX. It is always a bit of a worry that it will be a bit squashed after travelling so far and hanging around in a box for weeks.

This week I have to get organised for the maintenance class with Mark at the weekend and do some spring cleaning in Fenella’s room. I was hoping to get on with the yurt piecing but George has reappeared to block up the last remaining old window so it looks like I will be getting rid of the dust and doing some more painting. It would be nice to declare it done. The inside looks fantastic but I will have to blindfold visitors outside so they can’t see the walls that are desperate for fresh paint when some warm, dry weather returns. I must remind myself not to start pig-keeping or any other time consuming “hobbies” until all of my renovations are complete!


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