Stunt Quilters



I used to love a children’s comic strip called “The Numbskulls” where The Man had lots of little people living inside his head, controlling his actions… I think that if I have Numbskulls inside my head, one of them has spilled a big bag of “Space Dust” (the candy that crackles and fizzes). My head is bubbling with ideas, schemes, things to do and organise. I made the decision to step back from the School quilting project for a few weeks since I just don’t have a long enough hours to fit everything in! As late night TV relaxation viewing this week, I have become addicted to watching “Miami Ink”. It is a weirdly fascinating docu-soap about a tattoo parlour. The artistry is really impressive; the most talented tattooists work freehand and some of the motifs are just like quilted feathers.

The New York and MQX trip is gradually taking shape. Tracy managed to book the flights so that we could figure the itinerary around that. There was a bit of chat about it on the APQS forum and we have had several offers from NYC quilters who would like to show us around their city. This opportunity is very exciting. One lady is a member of the Empire State Quilters, who happen to have a guild meeting at the NYC Fashion Institute while we will be there. We have had another wonderful offer to stay with a quilter in Brooklyn – she happens to be a Big Apple Greeter. It is fabulous that quilters are so generous with their time and hospitality. People have also given us advice on hotels, public transport and places to eat.

I managed to get on with yurt panel piecing: some panels were almost the right size but just needed a border or a trim. I have almost got 11 panels of 30” x 54” ready to quilt. I had another look at the measurements of an 18ft yurt and realised that I would actually need 24 panels altogether. This left me with a feeling of dread. I would have to compromise on the complexity of the panels considerably in order to leave time for exciting quilting. I decided to give one of my dormant ideas a try and appealed for Stunt Piecers just like movie star stand-ins. The response has been amazing. I will send out a selection of Oakshott cottons and gold lame to a batch of very keen volunteers; they will help me to formulate some of my ideas but will put their own spin on it by adapting patterns and adding in some of their stash if necessary. The project has now taken on a new lease of life. It will be more diverse but also a more exciting collaborative effort. Already, questions have been asked about how to get the yurt to travel to USA in due course. I worried that I might not have enough fabric but spent a day cutting and realised that there is plenty. All I have to do is put cotton wool in my ears when I take the packages to the Post Office. What I need more of is Hungarian dye, backing fabric and wadding. Doughtys send the wide fabric in pieces instead of on a bolt so it has not been cut as efficiently as I had planned.

Since I have been drumming up interest in magnetic prewound bobbins on the Internet, Filtec Threads has asked me to write a testimonial about their products to put up on their website as “an internationally renowned quilter!” Just as this accolade was about to swell the size of my head, my Mother countered with, “Well, no-one has heard of you in Chedgrave…!” A sponsorship deal from a company like this would be most welcome. I don’t suppose so much of this goes on in times of recession. While I am concentrating on the yurt project I am not working on customer quilts. I need spending money for the MQX trip, pay for the workshop improvements, finance the FOQ stand and hotel accommodation, save for a Lenni, reserve funds to become the Hungarian dye distributer for the UK and keep a little money in the bank for emergencies like tax (if I ever make a profit…!)

I finally managed to enable most readers to leave comments without the rigmarole of setting up an account and logging in. The only hurdle is now typing in the wonky secret message to prove that the reader is a human and not a computer. Annoyingly, the blog has been disabled until February 1st as it has exceeded its bandwidth. I could top it up by paying extra but that’s only 12 hours away. I wonder if other Blog providers limit the amount of views each month? Surely Ricky Tims gets more than 5000 hits… No-one I’ve asked seems to be able to answer that question. I upgraded to “Professional” and my webhosts don’t believe that I could possibly require any more bandwidth than the maximum they will let me have. Perhaps I need a Geek to sort me out!

(no offence meant to incredibly clever computer literate people – I mean Geek as a term of grave respect) 

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