No Time for Frivolity!


I have been so focused this short week that I have had no time for adventures or jaunts. I did manage to go and see “Avatar” – it would be handy to have a carbon fibre blue double to help me get my yurt project done or to do the household chores for me AND it would be cool to go flying on a dragon! Instead I discussed plumbing with George the Builder, cleaned out the hens and sorted out the dogs and cat before packing up for our 11 hour drive to England to see my family. The gadget chargers now take up more space than spare knickers… there is one for the Ipod, phone, DS Lite, computer, camera. I sometimes wonder whether I might get arrested for carrying all these wires and gadgets into airports.

The time that I wasted on the Internet this week was spent researching the shipping cost of an Accuquilt Studio cutter. It will cost around £300 for shipping and customs. I may have to decide whether to post my clothes home from MQX and carry it in my luggage.
I have also been looking into podcast recording gadgets. There is a vast choice of these but I want something that records sound well and is easy to upload and edit. I think I will go for an Olympus. I have sounded out some friends to see if they are willing to do a Doric section and include some recipes for “fine-pieces”.
There was a morning when the Postie handed over a parcel and I looked at him blankly, wondering what I had ordered. It was from Tracy and contained ziploc bags from IKEA. These are fantastic as they are perfect for holding small projects and are all flowery.
Most of the stunt quilters have received their packages of fabric and are raring to go on their panels. They have been posting photos of how much snow they have had, although Wyoming has not had its usual quota. We have a few small clumps of snowdrops here at last despite snow flurries at the start of the week.
I have quilted 2 panels this week. I used the Quiltazoid to do some concentric circles with fillers. They look quite good and I decided to used Jacquard Lumiere paint to highlight the circles. This is a very slow embellishment since the poaintbrush is TINY! I also worked on the jagged triangles. These are quilted with wavy lines and embroidered with a thick thread. My friends think they are done and I should move onto the next panel but I never believe “less is more” so may have to do some embroidered triangles in the rather dull plain areas. They will also get some gold lurex rickrack to pep them up a bit more…
I wonder if people will appreciate my “organic” patterns or declare me too lazy to use a ruler for straight lines. The way I see it, there are many wonderful quilters who do superbly accurate work and I don’t think I can top that so I should just work out my own informal quilting style.

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