New York, New York!


It rained then snowed midweek so the Yurt frame did not get put up for the roof fitting. I was a bit disappointed but decided to get on with piecing the last panel instead. I cut lots of sashing strips, rapidly running out of fabric then realised that I had cut half of them too short so had to substitute with leftover pieces of backing instead. I quilted Charlotte’s “New York Beauty” Yurt panel which was fun because there were lots of different areas to fill. I counted all of the finished panels that I have done and was slightly disappointed that there were only 14. On a good week I can quilt 3 panels so I couldn’t see why there weren’t far more. I need to remember that I have also done piecing, a roof, some writing, and various other things as well. Terri sent pictures of her “Sun Lizard” which is amazing. The Yurt panels are all going to look fantastic when they are all finally assembled. They are all different but do tie together because of the fabrics and themes, just as I had hoped. I have been sent some book submission guidelines for the Yurt project so will be even busier after the Yurt is complete, catching up on customer quilts to pay the bills and drafting potential chapters.

Freya was delighted to receive a union jack electric guitar for her 12th birthday and some spending money for a shopping trip. She bought all sorts of trendy t-shirts and earrings – when I was 12 I was only interested in stationery and books.

I was interviewed by British “Patchwork & Quilting” Magazine this week which was great fun. My interview was conducted in the Yurt over coffee with the wood stove roaring away. I was very excited to be describing my big project to a proper magazine so I hope it doesn’t all come out as gibberish. It should appear in the July copy so that finished pictures from LLQS can be published and people may decide to come and see me on the APQS stand at Festival of Quilts in August.

I decided to pack for the New York trip over the weekend so that I could do some last minute piecing and quilting in between getting my hair cut, visit to the bank, and children’s holiday activities. The plan was to fit a smaller suitcase inside a large suitcase as I will be bringing quilting goodies, the LSD quilt and Yurt panels back with me from the USA. I could hardly lift the suitcase which weighed 22kg. The airline limit is 23kg in total so I had to unpack and start again using one suitcase. I have not put in many clothes, will leave an old pair of pyjamas behind and will drink the litre bottle of gin so just have to hope that I have enough space to bring everything back without exceeding the limit. I might buy a very cheap and lightweight holdall for the return journey but I will have to keep a constant check on the weight of the bags or go to the Post Office. It has made think how useful the Amazon Kindle would be so that I don’t need to carry books, although the books will be going in my cabin bag with all of my gadgets. I tried out the newest gadget, the voice recorder and LOVE it. I did a few pretend introductions to my future podcast and felt just like a BBC Radio 4 presenter. It will be tricky keeping an interview flowing professionally, not forgetting what to say, saying “er…”, or sniffing loudly! I am hoping to use it in New York to record some genuine NYC buzz for a podcast in the near future. I will try to blog more often during the USA trip so that I can keep you all up to date with all that goes on over the next couple of weeks. I am really looking forward to seeing the sights and meeting some of the Stunt Quilters, amongst many others!


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