Checking the Checklist


There was a frenzy of finishing attaching velcro strips invisibly to the tweed connectors and backs of all of the panels so that we could do a dress rehearsal of the Yurt walls on Wednesday. There was a bit of shifting around to make sure that panels with similar colours didn’t hang next to each other and to check that the wall reached all of the way around the yurt without bulging or sagging. It was really exciting to see that it all fitted together and we had a taste of what it will be like once it gets to Loch Lomond. Mo did a fantastic job of painting the double doors so all I had to do was find the correct hinges that would lift off easily. This involved phone calls to a couple of yurt companies and trawling the internet for suppliers of antique hinges until I found “Band & Clasp” hinges that would probably support a drawbridge.

It was time to start drawing up lists… things still to do, items to collect, what to pack and where it would all go. I realised that I should have some postcards to sell so Vistaprint received some trade from me with priority postage that cost about as much as the printing. I moved all of the Yurt project pictures into one folder so that I could get some printed off for an album. I had to make a list of the Yurt panels with corresponding photos in order to make a mini guidebook for the show. Freya helped me with margins and text wrapping then I sent my document to Tracy for proof reading and tidying up. My panels have not got the most imaginative or airy-fairy descriptions because my brain simply can’t think of anything interesting at this point in the project. I realised that I had reached something of a hiatus with the project almost complete. I couldn’t quite get the bunting finished, I couldn’t sort the photos as they weren’t ready and I just couldn’t seem to get into the right gear for packing everything in bubble-wrap. I tackled a well overdue job of clipping winter dreadlocks off the dogs with kitchen shears. Mabel was half the size by the time she was all trimmed. A poodle parlour stylist would be appalled at the hacked look but at least Mabel’s wiry fur won’t break the dog clippers when she goes to Mo’s kitchen for a number two brush-cut.

I spent a couple of days driving around collecting the photos, looking for albums, finding cellophane packets for packs of postcards, choosing fake thistles, a spare glue gun and a staple gun, and picking up a large wicker stag’s head. I got Freya and Millie to scrub the cobwebby round picnic table, hemmed two tablecloths, attached all of the crochet doyleys and finished off a couple of areas of quilting that just needed a little extra detail. There are still 4 unfinished panels that will be completed eventually but they will go to the show anyway. I still have the hinges to screw on and the purple pompoms to hand-sew to the edge of the roof. There are even some funky feathered kilt pins to place at each roof intersection. Miles of bunting was finally finished and I am very grateful to my new neighbour, Michelle, for sewing all of the pennants together for me.

Some of the seats have been unbolted from the Landy to make room for the Yurt frame but I’m still worried that I won’t be able to fit everything in – including my other quilts and a step ladder. IF there is any room at all, I will try to squeeze in a wicker chair and some sheepskin rugs. I hope that it will all go up easily at the show so that I have spare time to pop to IKEA for a few small round rugs, and possibly even a chandelier!


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