Pink Explosion




Apart from sorting out the breakdown of the washing machine, I have spent all of my time with The Team in the workshop producing the crazy pink patchwork car. The washing machine mechanics were clogged up with cherry pips, stones and what may have been dyed pink crochet doilies so it was replaced by an online model overnight.

The car project has proved to be a far larger and more challenging task than I thought. Mo has been there with me every day planning, cutting, sticking, sewing, redesigning, eating chocolate and cursing the demands of the PR Company in London. I believed that I had agreed to make a simple patchwork cover in a 2 week timescale and might add some features later if there was time left at the end. It became apparent that the car company had higher expectations from the start.

We started making a fun and funky crazy patch cover with silly pink wheels but were told that we HAD to make all of the features as exact copies. After 5 days working flat out on the project we could not take the risk of them pulling the plug so the only option was to agree to make all of the extras as accurately as possible. I was also extremely underwhelmed by the celebrity fabrics that had to be added. It is not easy to incorporate baby-gros and bits of T-shirt to a patchwork car cover that the car company already thinks is not uniform enough. If we had been given longer to work on this project we would have been able to argue for a more restricted palette and possibly have cut smaller patches. However, on a two week project I think we are doing remarkably well!

The biggest concession that I had to make was to agree with Mo (after a long discussion) not to quilt the satin windows but keep them as smooth and glassy as possible. All of the fabric for the features such as headlights and grilles has been quilted and is ready to be piped with custom made bias binding. This project has taught me yet again to get a written specification and contract in place before starting work. The problem from the start has been the almost impossibly short deadline. It has cost far more in time and materials than I originally budgeted but we are absolutely determined to produce an amazing piece of 3D patchwork by the end of next week before I have to return the car. I had to secretly admit that it was fun to take the little car into town to buy the satin and lurex in John Lewis. We are now in awe of people who make ball gowns from slippery dress fabrics that don’t like being ironed.

We have been running on adrenaline, coffee & Crunchies and working very long days but feel too fired up to get to sleep at night. On Friday evening we treated ourselves to Fish & Chips washed down with a large Gin & Tonic. We hope to end next week with pink champagne…

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