Regular blog followers may have detected that my Blog has recently lacked lustre. I have felt utterly censored over the past few weeks. Writing a Blog is always a matter of balancing truth and tact; for instance it would be rude to write derogatively about a customer quilt that has issues. Recently I was encouraged to take down a Blog post by clients so that a project I was working on could be kept secret until being released to the media but it really did not feel right to hold back from my regular reports on a work in progress. I do not want to become embroiled in a wrangle over what information I can issue on my own Blog so will write about the experience in very general terms. The project had immense highs and lows that should have been documented at the time while they were still fresh. There was the hilarity of being filmed on a miserable and stormy day in Aberdeenshire and trying to find somewhere dry to work on a large piece. There was the disappointment of working flat out all weekend to be told on a Monday morning that huge changes would have to be made. There was the frustration of not being able to add personal touches in case the clients rejected them.

I experienced the elation of finishing a major piece of work in just over two weeks then having to send it away without having time to admire the results followed by an immense feeling of anti-climax. This explains why I have spent so much time decorating my Purposeless Room into a useful space where I can work on the laptop in the winter, hopefully doing more writing than mere idle internet browsing as of late! The anticipation gradually faded as the anticipated flurry of media attention did not happen. The low key internet publicity did not even reveal the makers of the project so with bittersweet relief I managed to win the bidding on Ebay to secure the return of my project.

Overall it was an enlightening experience. It proved that Mo and I could work together on a large project and put it together in an incredibly short time by working flat out. We came up with several ideas for future large and unusual joint projects. It made me realise the importance of agreeing a contract before starting on a major piece for a client in case of potential delays or changes. I look forward to working on other major challenges in future but I will make sure that I have clear procedures in place first from the planning stage to the eventual outcome.


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