Keep Calm and Carry On!


In order to stop myself from panicking that my Yurt Tour of America’s plan had gone awry, I made some lists then started phoning and emailing anyone who might have a bright idea or two on how to get a replacement frame to Des Moines on time. I gradually whittled through the suggestions and possible scenarios and came to the conclusion that it would not be economical or practical to ship the original Scottish frame. I have had a great deal of support and practical advice from Terri Kirchner, who is the curator of the Wisconsin Fiber Arts Museum and Scott Figved, the son of one of the Stunt Quilters. Other possibilities involved contacting Amish carpenters or shipping my Yurt crown as the most difficult element of the construction. The most daunting problem is lack of time and it is essential that the Quilted Yurt is exhibited on an authentic frame; otherwise my credibility and the potential for the Yurt to travel elsewhere in the USA would be compromised. It looks like the problem is solved and this week a replacement frame will be commissioned.

I have decided that I want to try to sell some quilts in order to help finance the USA trip. I am very proud of them but they spend most of their time in a linen press, occasionally being aired at trunk shows or lectures. They may as well earn their keep and I can always make new ones…! They are for sale in my virtual shop I am also going to get some Yurt panels and quilt patterns printed out for sale. It confirms that I need a tight schedule to get me galvanised into action. I finally booked my flights to the USA for the Des Moines and Wisconsin trip. It was a little tricky working out the route and dates but I am relieved that I have got it all sorted out now.

I finished quilting one of the African Fabric Shop mudcloth panels so that I can display it at FOQ along with three of the most recent Yurt panels. I have packed 3 more panels that I hope to quilt while I am there, although it would be great if I was too busy selling longarm machines to have time to quilt. I pieced another African Yurt panel which might even be the last one. I do have other ideas to explore but perhaps I will have to redirect these into a new series of quilts that are influenced by the Scottish countryside.

I spent almost two days packing up part of my studio for Festival of Quilts, including dismantling one of the longarm frames. The long boxes containing poles and rails will have to travel on the roofrack of the Landy. I seem to have crossed everything off the list so I hope I have not forgotten anything important. Freya has been sorting out camping gear for a Girl Guide camp and the other two are packed up and ready to be “evacuated” to stay with friends at the seaside on Tuesday. The dog-sitter is booked, the hens have been cleaned out and I have bought plenty of cat food…

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