Hippie Habits



I decided to leave the Yurt rafters and doors strapped onto the Landrover roofrack and Freya accused me of driving around like a hippie loaded up with camping gear. Living up to this reputation, I decided to make the most of the glorious spring weather and cooked sausages over a wood fire while the children strummed their old guitar.

It felt like a very short week – after unloading the Landy from the London trip I had to make sure that I had prepared plenty of kits for the forthcoming Yurt outing and workshops in Newcastle. I also did two days of supply teaching and took Freya shopping to make up for the fact that I will be away for her birthday. She took some time to find the right pair of jeans and she was horrified at how her spending money was soon spent. She was disappointed not to find exactly what she had in mind so perhaps it is time to start encouraging some easy attempts at basic dress-making. I think that some hippie style smocks in a Liberty print would look cool but I am sure she would not agree with my idea of fashion. We went for lunch in a sushi bar and had fun picking dishes off the conveyor belt – octopus balls and hairy shrimps were simply scrumptious!

I outlined Norse Metallurgy #5 on dark grey satin but I felt that some of my lines were a little wobbly. Hopefully I will be able to disguise that when I add the background fill. Just for “fun” I joined some of the giant hexagons together by machine. Despite marking the quarter inch stopping points very carefully and using a lot of steam when pressing, there are some joins that are not too neat. I could resort to some remedial decorative embroidery after the quilting is complete if necessary.

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