Yet Another Wet Midsummer :(


There has been very little activity in my studio this week apart from making a promising start on a massive bargello quilt for Anne from Skye. I ordered a beautiful deerskin for my newest Norse idea from a tannery near Glasgow and started reading a book on Pictish symbolism so I am at least gathering materials and doing research. I seem to have become such a familiar figure at one of the schools where I have been doing supply teaching that the children think I have become a permanent member of staff. I received many requests to teach during the last week of term but I decided that I could not fit it in with my own kids’ end of year school activities.

It was a very busy week for two of my children because of their dance show: after a dress rehearsal and four theatre performances, they were exhausted. All of the classes performed really well and the show was excellent. It offered everything from hip-hop & ballet to jazz and tap dancing.

I had a whole day out with a friend on Friday when we went to view Gray’s School of Art Graduate Show. The student collections in all types of media varied enormously. I was intrigued by some, puzzled by others, dismissive of some and impressed by a few. I particularly enjoyed the intricate lino cuts that married the student’s African background with his life in Scotland and also a fun blog project where the artist had posted decorated envelopes with cheerful messages to the unknown neighbours in her street. I admit that I was not over impressed with some of the textiles and wondered what it would be like to have the opportunity to study a degree in what has become a passion of mine. I was impressed at the prices the students had put on their work that was for sale. Yet again, I was struck by how little value most quilters receive for their efforts. It reminded me that I must make an effort to produce something saleable for my Open Studio Week in September. Perhaps smaller pieces and patterns would be a good place to start?

The midsummer solstice was even wetter than last year. It hardly stopped raining at all and I wondered if building an ark might be a good idea. The ground is squelching, the yurt is damp and the sky is permanently grey. I just hope the weather improves enough for School Sports Day to go ahead and that it generally improves for the beginning of the summer holidays in a week’s time…

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