Because of its wet climate, North East Scotland is always lush and green. After two damp weeks of grey skies during the summer holidays I have to remind myself that we are lucky to have a climate where we are never short of water. It occurred to me that despite being surrounded by all of this green I have very little green fabric in my stash and I rarely use green in quilts. This prompted me to make a list of some of the things that I like or dislike which are green:







school uniform

bathroom suites




gorse bushes


kitchen appliances

gin bottles


garden sheds




mint chocolate chip ice cream


cutting mats



Mum's Windmill Quilt

  Oz Bewitched Blocks

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list but it proves that I don’t actually dislike green altogether and I even struggled to find green things that I really did not like. Perhaps I will challenge myself to make a predominantly green quilt. I am still struggling to decide which Cherrywood fabrics to choose for my “to-be-made-one-day-not-necessarily-wholecloth quilt”. If I wanted to take inspiration the countryside this summer it should be a combination of many greens, greys and the odd splash of magenta or yellow.  I still don’t know whether this will comprise regimented traditionally pieced blocks or something more freestyle and contemporary or even when I think I will make it. I think I will keep myself guessing for a while longer.

I have made good progress on the “Oz Bewitched” quilt. I was unsure about whether the feature fabric would steal the show and I have not yet decided what borders it needs. There was some fudging going on as I squared them up. They have ended up approximately 12.75” square which seems an odd measurement but as long as they are consistently inconsistent, I don’t suppose it matters. In some ways I think that this quilt is taxing me because I want to create something less geometric which I never thought that I would admit. The quilting either has to be wildly Aboriginal or very traditional. I originally intended it to be a show quilt bit now I am less sure about that. Unfinished, it seems to be a bit of an enigma!

I quilted and bound a throw for my Mother that she gave me months ago and I made a three kindle covers and a laptop sleeve. I only intended to make one kindle cover but the first oilcloth version ended up a smidge too tight so I made another fabric one then I decided to make a third oilcloth one that matched the laptop sleeve in case the customer wanted a matching set. Any that are spare can be offered for sale at exhibitions I suppose.

Another week of the school holidays drifted by with friends visiting, a chilly trip to the beach, some baking, outings to the supermarket, bookshop and dog walking in the rain.

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