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On Monday I drove down to Livingston and met Ellen for a very nice supper where she reminded me to try and get some of my quilt trips and shows for next year booked into the calendar, trying to avoid any last minute panics;) My Satnav Lady kept telling me that I had reached my destination for North Barn Quilters despite leading the Landy into impossibly tight cul-de-sacs. The room was crowded and my last trunkshow of the year went down well. Yet again, I was humbled by how complimentary other quilters are when I empty out three suitcases that contain a selection of the pieces that I have created over the last 6 years. I did not leave until after 9.30pm but the roads were dry and deserted so with Jools Holland on the radio, I made it home in 3 hours, preferring to get back late so that I could be busy in the workshop for as long as possible the next day.

I got the tedious paperwork out of the way then became very frustrated with my 3.5” Drunkard’s Path blocks. I wanted to use the Curvemaster foot that had sewn the Apple Core blocks so beautifully but despite using the Elna, a Brother and the Featherweight, they just would not go together nicely at all. I even made some more Apple Cores, just to see if I was using the foot correctly. I think the curve was just too tight and too short for that method to work well. In the end I ate some chocolate, complained to my cyber friends on Facebook and Leonore in Wisconsin volunteered to piece a few DP blocks by hand as she actually enjoys doing that sort of project. I happily shoved the cut blocks and a tin of shortbread into a package and was able to get on with piecing a few more blocks for B’elzebub. I have decided that it has already evolved from my original concept so I may even have to enigmatically rename it, “Chimera”. Some of my new blocks joined together very successfully but others were a tiny bit off. I guess that is why some wonderful American show quilts are created by a partnership, one of whom is an expert piecer. I am loathe to discard the off pieces so will probably try make use of them. I still have not decided whether there will be plain areas in the quilt or whether the whole thing will be pieced like the “Mad Muddle” Yurt panel that is in the USA collection.

I am still gathering materials and ideas for another 3D project. I bought 9 chamois skins from a local tannery and have been corresponding with a basket weaver for a fairly off-the-wall idea. I really ought to have a go at sketching some of my plans onto paper instead of carrying them all around in my forgetful head.

Our local Posties have been told that they are not allowed to leave packages in safe places any more due to the increase in doorstep thefts – not that any have actually taken place near here. An unexpected consequence of this was that I had to pass the charity furniture shop that annoys me on my way to the parcel depot. This junk shop is stocked with donated furniture and items that it collects from the local dump and then charges more than is strictly necessary. I came across two bentwood chairs that were like Ercol pieces but they were £25 each so I walked away and left them there. After mulling it over, I regretted that decision so I texted my great friend, Tania from school and asked her to see if they were still there the next day. She really is a super friend because they were waiting for me outside my workshop when I got home. They are really nice chairs and have been put in the summerhouse for now because I do not really have a place to put them. I just can’t seem to help buying old chairs and tables are yet another larger weakness. Maybe I should replace the ugly but functional office chairs in my workshop with my junkshop finds. When we moved to this farmhouse we had hardly any furniture and the rooms were almost empty but now we have filled them all to capacity and beyond since now there is also a yurt, summerhouse and workshop! Added to which, all of the old chairs are covered with rugs, quilts and cushions. I can see that there may soon have to be a ruthless clearout to make way for interesting new junk and irresistible vintage textiles…

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