I finally spent time on working on BzB but after two days I had very mixed feelings about what I had managed to produce. I have deviated a long way from the original idea of a simple not-quite-wholecloth into a collection of pieces that may or may not blend well together in the end. The hexagon section is the most troubling. It just looked like a part of something else so I forged ahead regardless and curve pieced some big sections of probably unsuitable green sateen and shiny purple-blue silk. In fanciful light it could be said that it looks like Scottish hillsides but in others it looks like a bit of a mess. I laid the other blocks out to see if that improved matters. I just have to hope that by the time that all of the sections get curvily joined to each other, it will all look like it was meant to be. A box of gorgeous Oakshott fabric arrived which may just tie it all together. If not, I can start again more simply with my bracken coloured collection.

Just when I was making progress with my project I had to go into school teacher mode. I admit that I found this week after the holidays hard as there has been some challenging behaviour and it was also confirmed that the temporary post is due to end in early February. I have to start making plans for how much supply teaching I am prepared to do as Spring approaches. I would love to concentrate on being a textile artist and do a few talks but realistically I also have to make some money as well.

I made up my mind to try and stick to a minor diet this week so I had porridge for breakfast, no snacks because I was a bit bored and most significantly, no wine. That one has been the hardest! Herbal tea is no substitute: I don’t know how Temperance League Ladies managed to make headway with reforming the gin drinkers of Victorian London.

My internet connection has been an absolute pain this week. It is either frustratingly slow or does not connect at all. It took 4 days to upload some photos into a Dropbox so goodness knows whether I will be able to Skype a group of stunt quilters this week to meet the deadline for the Quilting Arts article… I suppose the upside of having no internet is that I can spend more time sewing for a change!

BzbmessI took Freya and Nell to see the movie version of “Les Miserables” at the weekend. It was spectacular and very emotional – it really deserves its many award nominations.

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