BzB: Bits n Pieces


P1000017 P1000016


Despite the guilt I felt at not being able to teach my class and the thought of losing 3 days’ pay, the unexpected bonus of having one of my children off school with ‘flu was that I could spend the whole week making gradual progress on the BzB project. It seems to be taking shape slowly as I added wide strips to “finished” sections so that they can be added to other pieces with curved joins.

I was pleased with 3 large strippy kaleidoscope blocks even though the silk ones are a little bulky in the centre. There are also lots of quarter squares that will become strips that punctuate larger areas. I think I spent much of my time just looking, thinking and wondering why on earth I wanted to make this project so complicated.

P1000019 P1000018 P1000020

One of the things that is adding to the stress level is that the silk blend fabrics are very stretchy and slippery. I still hope to use some pieces of dyed linen but these are much heavier than some of the lightweight fabrics so I am not sure that this will be feasible at all! The next challenge is figuring out the puzzle of how all of the sections will fit together. I have used a lot of fabric already on this quilt and I am concerned that I may run short of large pieces. I suppose I will just have to join all of the offcuts together or dye some more cotton sateen.


It has been a cold and snowy week but we did not have as much as the rest of the UK. It made dog-walking hard work as the wet, muddy ground was covered with slushy snow and it was impossible to see rocks underfoot. I have been sticking to my “diet” of no wine or snacks but I cannot say that I feel slim or fit yet;)

Driving cautiously on icy roads, I made it to the Aberdeen Patchwork & Quilting Group on Wednesday evening and gave a talk with quilts and slides on my 2012 trip to Houston and my Norse series. The turnout was pretty good, considering the wintry weather and my talk was well received. In turn, I was intrigued to hear about Valerie’s 365 photo journal. She intends to take a photo every day for a year to make more use of her camera and to improve her photography skills. I wondered if I might find the time to start one of these but in the end I persuaded my daughter, Freya to have a go and submit it as part of her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. Already it has got us both thinking about what constitutes an interesting image.

One of the things that I hope to do this week is to Skype several Stunt Quilters at once to see if we can take a novel group photograph. It has taken me a while to set this up as our Internet connection has been terrible for weeks. I am beginning to wonder if the modem needs an upgrade as we are now trying to run so many different wifi devices. There was a point earlier this week when I declared that technology was actually slowing my life down as I struggled to copy music files onto an SD card for Fergus’ guitar amp and find documents that were being stored on a cloud. Sometimes I miss writing things out in longhand. I may just have to dust off one of my old fountain pens and do some handwriting practice…

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