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It is one thing to be told by cool dudes in New York that one’s gold Doc Martens are “Old Skool” but quite another not to be short-listed for a job because of “failing to meet the specified criteria”. I should explain that I was confounded and demoralised that I was not offered an interview for a part-time job in a school where I have done a lot of teaching. I decided to phone the Headteacher and ask for feedback and was informed that I was not deemed suitable since I have not attended any recent training courses and there was no “evidence” on my application form that I would be able to implement the latest curriculum developments. I pointed out that supply teachers do not have access to most training courses and that I have spent the last two years relief teaching at short notice covering all age groups and subjects. I called the education department to enquire how I could gain access to the latest training opportunities and they were staggered that I had not been offered an interview based upon those objections. This made me feel slightly better but I have seriously wondered why I should continue supply teaching at all, being paid less than a probationer and made to feel that my years of skill and experience are irrelevant.

It has been hard to accept that the career that I always thought I could pick up and continue is not welcoming me back with open arms. It would appear that instead of simply being able to “walk the walk”, I should also be able to quote the latest educational jargon on paper. Frankly, I would rather spend my leisure time and money learning how to make lampwork beads, Japanese or Classical Studies. Perhaps this was an affirmation that I should devote all of my energy to quilting after all. I need never worry about taking time off during term-time to travel to a quilt show!


I regretted the decision to choose a second sensible pair of reading glasses that would go with any outfit. I should have chosen the crazy lime green ones after all. I have finally had to admit that I need specs for reading small print and threading needles. I picked out a pair that I would be able to perch on the end of my nose and I intend to make them a fancy beaded string.

I worked on a customer quilt this week – 16 simple but cleverly pieced large blocks made a complex looking lattice. My quilt machine did not answer back and no-one demanded to see my qualifications. I have decided to upgrade my 6 year old APQS Millennium to the latest and smoothest model which should enable me to work on more customer quilts. I have also ordered a hydraulic lift system for my table so that I can adjust the height and stand there quilting for even longer each day.

latticeq   newmilli

On a whim I decided to fill up an old fountain pen and write a few notes. It took me right back to my school days and I really enjoyed the practice of WRITING in ink! I decided to order a nostalgic glass bottle of brown ink and savour the act of writing, rather than scribbling notes illegibly in biro or typing using a keyboard.


I have decided to make 3 tree totems for the time being, possibly making 12 eventually. I finished piecing the wavy sections that will cover the foam column behind the white leather quilt. The next totem will just be covered in quilted silver spandex and the third will feature more wavy piecing. I knew that this project would fall into place eventually if I kept the ideas ticking over at the back of my mind…

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Quirky Quilter in Scotland Creator of The Quilted Yurts, Patchwork Smart Car, Metallic Norse Wholecloths, Coracle, Quilted Henge, Quilting Tutor & Speaker, Occasional Pig-Keeper, Primary School Teacher, Mother, Writer, Landrover Enthusiast, Gin Connoisseur

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  1. Oh man do I feel your pain! I too was a teacher here in Canada. Took time out to raise my children, substitute teaching at all levels with little notice, and then could not break back in…..decided to follow my dream instead, opened a quilt shop and have not looked back. Now my hubby has quit his job and joined me, we added the longarm which I operate and just added a second store that our daughter manages. Follow your heart, you will do well with your creative spirit! ((((Hugs)))))

    • Thanks for your words of wisdom, Ardelle! I have had 2 schools call this week asking me to do casual work… I intend to concentrate more on building up more quilting business 🙂

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