Cakes and Inks


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I turned down several supply teaching requests in order to catch up before the Easter Holidays. It took me several hours to sort through some overdue paperwork and I still have not managed to put all of my business on an electronic spreadsheet. 

 The antique bedspread was duly completed and bound. It is a good job that its purpose is just to be decorative as it is very heavy and the string-like crewel embroidery feels really scratchy. 

I painted metallic bronze paint onto the deerskin Norse birds – it was very difficult to highlight the tiny details on such dark leather. I even managed to sew all of the remaining gems and beads onto the white goatskin quilt. Attaching the binding neatly and consistently was challenging as I had decided to keep it fairly dead-goat-shaped. I am planning to punch eyelets down each side and lace it like a corset onto the patchwork totem. 


 It is with some alarm that I noticed that April has arrived so quickly as I have several unfinished projects that I really need to get done by May in order to enter FOQ. I pieced some very skinny strips that I plan to insert into the purely pieced third totem. If I run out of time I will simply have to enter one rather than 3 pieces. At least I am not intending to sew any more gems onto the other two!

 I used the excuse of Freya’s birthday to make two rather tasty cakes this week. There was the Starbucks style spiced pumpkin loaf that I made using the tin of canned pumpkin that I received from my children for Christmas and a deliciously moist cherry & almond cake. Neither of them lasted beyond the first day and then it was the Easter weekend with lots of chocolate eggs so I really have not made any attempt to follow a low-fat diet this week;)

 Durris Primary School put on a great version of “Joseph” this week. Fergus looked as though he might be sick or faint with nerves but to my relief, he sang an amazingly good solo. It is a pity that I can’t persuade him to join a choir as he is a good singer. He has started improvising a bit more with his electric guitar and we were treated to some Jimi Hendrix riffs one day after school. 

 We still had snow this week so I attempted snow-dyeing once more. I sprinkled several packets of my Hungarian dye onto a piece of bamboo silk and splotched some purple fountain pen ink on as a special effect. The ink was obviously not waterproof and the snow or dye was definitely not the right sort as by the time it had come out of the machine after a hot wash, the piece emerged as a uniform but very satisfactory gunmetal grey/violet.  


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I found myself being sucked into another geeky obsession – fountain pens and ink. It was not until I went online to order some brown ink that I discovered a whole world of Youtube demos, forums and websites dedicated to old-fashioned pens, special writing paper and far more ink companies than I ever imagined. There is an American company called Noodler’s that sells an amazing selection of colours. French manufacturer, Herbin, sells scented ink and then there are all of the wonderfully shaped glass bottles. My old pen was so unco-operative that while I bought Freya an ink pen for her birthday, I bought myself one too and I have been relishing the act of writing. I felt as though I would like some Latin homework or an English essay to use up all of my lovely ink!


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