We have been enjoying a Scottish heatwave which is wonderful but it has been difficult to get anything done. I wondered what I had spent my week doing as I had wound down so much that I even felt it necessary to order a hammock, although goodness knows when I will have time to lie in it…

The dogs enjoyed long walks and splashes in the unusually low river and we had BBQ’s most evenings, despite the ravages of thousands of tiny midges. I took the children on a couple of trips including a super afternoon at  Craigievar Castle. We had an exclusive tour with a delightfully ancient tour-guide and felt glad that we do not live in a 7 storey tower-house with narrow spiral stairs and no decent bathroom.

I spent time organising camping gear for our trip to WOMAD via Bath and made sure that we all had sleeping mats, mugs, plates and other useful equipment. I am beginning to hanker after a cheap caravan because at least most of the equipment could stay stowed away ready to go. Although, I don’t suppose many people try to pack cafetieres, bottles of gin and guitars for a family holiday.

womad exped

 I turned a large length of tartan flannel into a huge protective sack for the coracle and securely lashed it onto the Landy roof along with the boxes containing the totems. It was after all that was accomplished that I remembered that all of the FOQ labels are meant to be covered with a flap of fabric to hide the maker’s details during judging. All I can say is that I am NOT unpacking them now to rectify that snag and besides, even with a hidden label it would be fairly obvious who had created my pieces.

I confess that I am no further on with any Ebook projects but in my defence, I answered  lengthy interview questions for Generation Q Magazine and I spent a long time trying to get my disorganised files and photos in order on my Macbook. I always think that a tidy desk(top) will lead to feeling motivated to do some serious work.


As if I did not feel that I had enough to do already, I worked on a customer quilt on which I was asked to keep the quilting motifs understated. It may not be my preferred style of quilting but it does look simple and classic.

Instead of allowing Fenella to spend £10 on a giant plastic windmill to demarcate our hired yurt at WOMAD, I chose to spend an afternoon making bunting to hang outside. Not just rough cut party bunting, mind you; proper double-sided hemmed stuff using vintage fabrics. I may have got slightly carried away – I reckon it will just about reach all of the way around the 16ft yurt even though a short string of 10 flags would have been quite sufficient!



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