Taking the Scenic Route



Apparently, my science lesson on the circulatory system was the most awesome demonstration ever. I had managed to source a deer’s thorax, heart and lungs and then proceeded to dissect it on the teacher’s desk, wickedly warning the kids that if it had been a badger or homeless person then we would have needed face masks as a precaution against TB. One child went a little green but the rest declared that they would like to become surgeons.

I pootled around for the next two days packing and unpacking for a Quilted Yurt talk in Stirling. I foolishly decided to take the scenic route and missed the conventional turn-off to Stirling so ended up going cross country and only just arriving on time. I missed supper but my talk went down very well. The ladies were stunned at how much work had gone into the yurts and surprised that I had decided to drive home the same evening. Actually, the return journey was easy as the roads north were dry and clear. By midnight I was an expert in all of the post Spring Budget debates on Radio 4 but I also enjoyed listening to The Book at Bedtime.


Not a lot of sewing went on but I spent some time uploading and sorting photos for The Book and trying to decide whether to include another piecing project. I had a chat with the publisher in the end, discussing the proposed video sections and how to try to organise all of the material that I felt was becoming overwhelming. I managed to run up a “Wee Bag” so I could take step-by-step pictures.

My folks made an impromptu visit and had to camp out in the summerhouse under several blankets and quilts because we don’t have a spare room. My Dad tried to help me out with a couple of long overdue DIY projects and my Mum got me to cut her some blocks to take home and make a charity quilt. We even had an outing to Costco where I was sorely tempted to buy a beehive. It was nice to take time out from my self-imposed crazy schedule because the late nights seem to have been catching up with me. They were most impressed by my interview in Generation Q Magazine. Jake and Melissa did a great job of capturing the atmosphere of “The Quilt Quine’s Hoose”!


At the weekend I ran a taxi service for my girls’ activities and collected an ex-rabbit hutch from Mo so I can get a couple of new laying hens. I almost bought an old caravan from Gumtree that I could take to festivals but someone else made an offer first.

More beads were added to the leather skins while I was hanging around at Fenella’s swimming and dancing lessons and while I watched the terrific BBC series, The Great British Sewing Bee. People are fascinated to see me sewing on all of the embellishments  but I am finding it tricky to explain what I am making.

pinkbds1  pinkbds2

A list has been drawn up for the forthcoming week but there is no guarantee that I will “follow the map” – it is far more likely that I will decide to take the scenic route;)

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