Some Editing At Last



I can’t claim that I completed all that I had hoped to achieve last week but I did get a lot done – I did not start an irrelevant project and I even decided on the design of the quilt that I plan to make for the Bernina stand at FOQ.

In addition, I had a Longarm pupil one day, assisted Ann to quilt 4 “Eye-Spy” quilts using Quilt Path and I quilted a shot-cottons customer quilt in EVERY single ditch then every horizontal and vertical line. It had to be done just like the example in the book, which was very time consuming. There was also meant to be a ribbon motif in all of the navy squares but my mind wandered and instead I quilted weird shapes that look rather like lips and tongues!


Despite all of these goings-on, I managed to get some editing done on the Ebook. I decided on a fairly low-tech method. I have checked for typos and marked them in pencil on the draft print-outs. I have cut out thumbnail sized pictures and I am going to sellotape each one next to the relevant paragraph. This means that I can keep documents and pictures separately on a USB stick, yet show my editor where they belong on a hard copy. We still need to film the how-to video clips but the end may actually be in sight at last!


Once again, I was asked to upload a lot of pictures into Dropbox and share them but my internet connection struggled. It took almost 2 whole days and I wondered whether to go to the public library to get faster broadband. I tried to watch “Outlander” via streaming with my 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime but it dropped out and got stuck after 5 minutes. It is frustrating when the internet chugs along or fails to load when we have all come to expect instant searches, uploads, downloads and streaming. If I can’t get the internet to go any faster I may not continue with Prime after the free trial, although Amazon’s free, fast postage is handy.

One thing I did not manage to do was measure up for a new Garden Yurt cover. It would be great to get that job done over Easter so we can enjoy using it again. I have just one week to make sketches and talk to sail makers if that is going to happen…

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Quirky Quilter in Scotland Creator of The Quilted Yurts, Patchwork Smart Car, Metallic Norse Wholecloths, Coracle, Quilted Henge, Quilting Tutor & Speaker, Occasional Pig-Keeper, Primary School Teacher, Mother, Writer, Landrover Enthusiast, Gin Connoisseur

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