Nothing to See Here!



I am currently being visited by 2 or 3 DIY Quilters a week as they are keen to finish their quilts off by Christmas. I like to be on hand if the thread runs out and to help them wind on the quilt so I don’t feel that I can concentrate on any of my own major projects. I have been using the time to fiddle about with small projects or testing new Bernina feet out. I have a stash of chiffon that I intend to print and make into scarves so I wanted to figure out the 2mm rolled hem foot. I think I may need an expert to stand over me while I do this – I have watched a Youtube video several times but my chiffon has not been co-operating. I may need to practice with a cotton lawn first. I remembered that my overlocker can do rolled hems so I found the instruction manual, relocated some freebie bulk nylon thread and was amazed at the snazzy, neat finished edge of the tricky chiffon. I have now placed an order for flossy thread that matches the chiffon so everyone I know should expect a scarf for Christmas!


I used some scraps of leather to see if I could make a prototype oval bug purse. It was a bit fiddly as it was probably too small but I got a thrill from attaching the googly eyes. Having made notes of what not to do, I make a larger, rounder ladybird purse. Although I have a leather roller foot for the Bernina, I decided that everything would slide across the table better if I put Stitch-n-Tear underneath for good measure. Using a leather needle made a big difference as it pierced the fabric more effectively. Putting a leather tab on the zip end made the zip shut nicely but that was 4 layers to sew through so I might use grosgrain ribbon next time. I really enjoyed adding the popper spots;)

I am pleased with Mrs Ladybird so I think I will make her an orange friend. I could easily get carried away and make all sorts of beetles… The leather versions are a bit expensive  to produce unless you already have a stash of the right coloured leather so I will probably have a go at quilted ones when I am next at a loose end.

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In between 3 simple customer quilts that Quilt Path did for me I machine stitched around the Purdah screen design on the black shawl from the marked interfacing on the reverse. Because the wool is quite coarse, when you look at the front you can’t see anything whatsoever, which is why I did not even bother to take a photo. I am still trying to decide how much hand stitching is necessary or whether to machine sew a triple stitch on the front and add very little hand stitching. My original plan was to have NO additional stitching on the shawl at all since the concept of the project is that everything is hidden underneath but I chickened out and decided that the quilt show viewers may need a hint that something was happening with the piece. I have probably over-thought the whole thing and will be unable to impress any jurying panel that favours artistic minimalism!

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