A Gin Worthy Week



Sticking to my plan for a change, I completed the 4-patch version of the 1930’s block then immediately re-made it in feedback prints. Amazingly, it finished at 15.5” after squaring up both times! The trick was to make sure to sew exactly ON the seam crossover to get the points looking good. I have even made a note of the correct sizes of squares to crosscut for the setting triangles. I asked for suggested names on Facebook – Susan Briscoe thought it could be “Grumpy Gertie” as a homage to a feral goose that was dispatched by vandals and Ellen wondered if “Bloody Mabel” would like to be memorialised in patchwork.


I secretly enjoyed sewing large sequins onto organza. It was a slow task to avoid getting tangled up but it gave me a chance to sit and listen to plays on Radio 4, knowing that I was scheduled to be in a classroom for 3 days.


I let my classes loose with woodblock printing on paper and fabric which they enjoyed and they started wonky hand-stitching their pieces which can be made into mats or book covers.

magcovers  magreviews

Two magazines arrived this week which had great reviews for “Deviant Quilting” – it was featured in The Quilter and Today’s Quilter so hopefully that may lead to a few sales.

My other vintage typewriter was sold on Ebay. I did not make a profit on the original purchase but at least I got rid of it without taking it to the dump. According to the postal address, it will end up as a film prop at Pinewood Studios.


Freya had a good week… she received another Uni offer, enjoyed showing off her portfolio at her school’s Advanced Higher Art exhibition and went shopping for a VW Beetle with her Dad. I have already sourced ladybird fabric to make a pair of fun cushions but I’m not sure whether she will want to kit it out with outrageous rubber eyelashes. I have the chore of finding a competitive insurance quote for a young driver so we can collect it next weekend.


I was thrilled to receive an email from AQS late on Thursday night informing me that “Tartan Tattoo” has been juried into the Paducah show in April. I just need to get it back from its travels in Holland in order to send it to Kentucky. I would dearly love to go to the  show, especially if the Quilted Yurt might be launched but I will have to make a LOT more Ebay sales to fund my trip…

I decided to treat myself to a rather nice bottle of gin on Friday to celebrate a pretty successful week;)

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