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Linzi Upton – The Quilt Quine, married with 3 children, lives with her family, pets and hens in rural North East Scotland. She is a primary school teacher and award-winning longarm quilter.

Linzi has exhibited in the UK, The Netherlands, Hungary and the USA. Articles and projects have been published in British and American magazines.

She is best known as the creator of  Quilted Yurts. She followed this major project with a series of metallic Norse quilts, a Quilted Coracle and Smart Car cover. Her latest installation is a Quilted Henge comprising 12 seasonal columns featuring freestyle-piecing, spandex, leather and gemstones.

Linzi has taught patchwork & quilting workshops and given talks throughout the UK, USA and on board a cruise-ship to Norway. She has a great rapport with her students of all ages and she writes a humorous weekly blog about her quilting adventures at http://www.thequiltquine.wordpress.com

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  1. Hi from Lexington KY USA!! I heard Nancy Zieman talking about you this morning. Your name immediately caught my attention. You see my maiden name is Upton! There aren’t many Uptons around so I decided to look you up. Your work is beautiful and I will be following you from now on. I have quilted for at least 20 years now. I am branching out to learn more about the modern type of quilts. I also love wool appliqué. I am working on a small table runner to lay on my small wine holder. I am putting vines, leaves and of course clumps of grapes on it. The base wool is a mottled purple from Wooly Lady here in Wisconsin. I love their wools

    By the way, my father was from Tennessee. Where is your Upton name originally from?

    Have aw
    Wonderful day on the last day of January!

    Jackie Upton Gabbard

    • How lovely to hear from you! My husband comes from the south of England where there are a few Upton villages. I think it means a small, high hamlet or village in Anglo Saxon?
      I will be passing through Nashville en route to Paducah with two good friends in April:)

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